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Samsung Spin Point EcoGreen F2 SATAII NCQ 1TB 32Mb Cache Hard Drive <9.0ms 5400rpm - OEM

1TB Capacity, SATA-II Interface, 5400RPM Spin Speed, 8.9ms Average Seek Time, 32MB Cache, 3 Year Warranty

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Samsung's F2 Series EcoGreen Drive (F2EG) is the ideal high capacity drive for green computing environments.The new eco-friendly hard drive, F2EG is designed to meet demand for high performance devices with lower power consumption. Samsung’s EcoGreen F2 makes it possible to design storage systems with the right balance of high capacity, fast performance and energy conservation. Samsung F2EG has the world’s best areal density at 5400RPM rotation speeds. High density means more bits pass under the head faster, and it improves the drive performance. Samsung employs an advanced data recording technology, which brings the next generation technology into today’s single disk platform, enabling Samsung’s new 5400RPM drives to perform at current 7200RPM drive speeds. The internal SysMark test results confirms that F2EG performs as same as 7200RPM drive speeds, and even 10% faster than other green drives.


Width 101.5 mm
Length 147.0 mm
Height(max.) 26.1 mm

    Drive Configurations
Capacity* 1 TB
Interface Serial ATA 3.0Gbps
Buffer DRAM Size 32 MB
Byte per Sector 512 bytes

    Performance Specifications
Average Seek time(typical) 8.9 ms
Average Latency 5.52 ms
Data Transfer Rate / Media to/from Buffer(Max.) 166 MB/sec
Data Transfer Rate / Buffer to/from Host(Max.) 300 MB/sec
Drive Ready Time(typical) 10 sec

    Reliability Specifications
Non-recoverable Read Error 1 sector in 10^15 bits
Start/Stop Cycles 50,000

Idle 2.20 Bel
Performance Seek 2.70 Bel

    Environmental Specifications
Temperature / Operating 0 ~ 60 °C
Temperature / Non-operating -40 ~ 70 °C
Humidity(non-condensing) / Operating 5 ~ 95 %
Liner Shock(1/2 sine pulse) / Operating 70 G
Liner Shock(1/2 sine pulse) / Non-operating 350 G
Altitude(relative to sea level) / Operating -300 to 3,000 m
Altitude(relative to sea level) / Non-operating -300 to 12,000 m

    Power Requirements
Voltage +5V±5%, +12V±10%
Spin-up Current (Max.) 2.0A
Seek (typical) 4.8W
Read/Write (typical) 5.1W
Idle (typical) 3.9W
Standby (typical) 1W
Sleep 1W

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