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PC Tools & Kits

Like any piece of electrical equipment, if you want to get the most out of your PC you have to take care of it. Novatech stock a variety of PC kits and tools designed to help you keep your computer in tip-top condition or otherwise help you out when you’re performing repairs or modifications. An anti static wrist strap is an invaluable investment should you be planning on doing anything to your PC; after all, one of these costs a fraction of the price of a component fried by static! Novatech also sell a number of other useful computer care accessories including everything from PSU testers to PC screen wipes.

£4.99 inc vat
25 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-AIRDUS

Manf Code: AIR-350-HIP

Additional Tooless SATA HDD Adapters allowing Quick Installation or Swap for 2x Hard Drives.
£6.98 inc vat
20 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-VORSAT

Manf Code: HS-661

Streak Free, Antistatic, Alcohol free
£2.98 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-WIPE10

Manf Code: SCR100T

£4.98 inc vat
25 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-WSTRAP

Manf Code: 40165/1104

£4.99 inc vat
11 in stock

Stock Code: AF-ISO250

Manf Code: ISO250

Anti-static to reduce build up of dust. Can be used with Safecloths, Safewipes or PC Buds.
£5.03 inc vat
6 in stock

Stock Code: AF-FCL300

Manf Code: FCL300

The Dual Power Socket with Dual USB Outlet allows you to charge / power 2x USB devices and 2 other electrical items from one double wall plate.
£19.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: CAB-86USB

Manf Code: UT-86USB

£9.98 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: CAB-C5TOOL

Manf Code: NLCN- 312

Suitable for cleaning plastic, metal and any surface, including keyboards, printers and key tables
£5.50 inc vat
2 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-FOAM

Manf Code: 9967707

Removes the outer insulation from data/signal cables up to 11mm diameter
£14.99 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-STRIPR

Manf Code: 1210

£19.99 inc vat

Stock Code: LDY-43080

Manf Code: 43080

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