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AMD Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 9590 4.70Ghz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail

Eight Core Technology, Unlocked Multiplier, 4.70GHz Clock Speed, 8MB L2 Cache, 8MB L3 Cache, HyperTransport 3.0 Technology, 3 Year Warranty.

Order Code: AMD-FX9590

Manf.Code: FD9590FHHKWOF

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AMD Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 9590 4.70Ghz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail

Order Code: AMD-FX9590

£179.95 inc vat

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Enthusiasts get unbelievable PC performance with new AMD FX-9000 Series Processor
The new 4.7GHz FX-9590 features the "Piledriver" architecture, is unlocked for easy overclocking and pave the way for enthusiasts to enjoy higher CPU speeds and related performance gains. Additionally, these processors feature AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology to dynamically optimize performance across CPU cores and enable maximum computing for the most intensive workloads.

Still unlocked for your overclocking pleasure, and still the only 8-core desktop processor around. Unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with a new architecture. AMD FX Processors unlock maximum, unrestrained processing performance for extreme responsiveness you can see and feel. Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with the industry's first 32nm 8-core desktop processor. Get the speed you crave with AMD Turbo CORE Technology to push your core frequencies to the limit when you need it most. Go beyond the limits of maximum speed. But the best part of all? You'll get all this impressive performance at an unbelievable price. You'll be asking yourself "what competition?" in no time.

- The industry's only 8-core desktop processor
- Overclock with easy to use AMD Overdrive™ and AMD Catalyst Control Center™ software suites
- Supreme power available from virtually every core
- Aggressive performance for mega-tasking and intensive applications like video editing and 3D modelling
- The industry's first and only native 8-core desktop processor for unmatched multitasking and pure core performance
- New 32 nm die shrink designed to reduce leakage for improved efficiency, increased clock rate headroom and better thermals
- Can deliver more cores and more performance without raising the power requirements
- Unlocked processors allow the maximum tuneable performance
- AMD Turbo CORE Technology dynamically adjusts performance to give you the best experience, no matter what you are doing
- Get superior performance at a competitive price with unlocked technology

- Multiplier Unlocked
- Eight Core Technology
- 4.70GHz Clock Speed
- 5.00GHz Turbo Clock Speed
- 5.2 GT/s System Bus
- AM3+ Socket
- 8MB L2 Cache
- 8MB L3 Cache
- 64-Bit Technology
- TDP: 220W
- Voltage: 1.4125v - 1.6500v
- 32nm technology
- Support upto 2400MHz DDR3
- HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
- AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology
- 3 Year Warranty
- Heatsink & Fan NOT INCLUDED:


Processor Number 9590
Socket AM3+
Architecture 32 nm technology
Clock Speed 4.70GHz
TurboClock Speed 5.00GHz
Cores 8
Cache 8 MB L2
8MB L3
Memory Controller Dual channel DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600MHz
TDP 220W
Heatsink Included No
Warranty 3 Years

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£179.95 inc vat £149.96 ex vat

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its amzing

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Very good cpu. I upgraded from FX8350 which is great also and I overclocked FX8350 to 4.4GHZ (same clock speed as new FX9370), on air, all stable. This FX9590 is factory overclocked by AMD to 4.7GHz and stable (turbo oc to 5GHz). CPU draws 220W only when oc'd to 5GHz or more. Intel fan boys criticised this a lot because of heat output (220W TDP), claiming it would require a custom water cooling kit or a top of the range AIO liquid cooler (eg - Corsair H100i). Total rubbish. It does not overheat at all. Even with my Arctic Freezer A30 air cooler, the FX9590 idles at 36c and load at 59c. My main air cooler is Alpenfohn K2 mount doom. After 1 hour use, idle is 33c. Last night after 1 hour ME3, cpu was 49c. After 30 mins Crysis3, cpu was 56c. Yesterday during daytime (nice, hot weather) cpu was 39c idle. Performance Passmark for my FX9590 is 10845. It beats i7-3770K (£275) by 6%. The Haswell i7-4770K (£280) is only 3% better performance than i7-3770K. There is good chance the FX9590 can beat or at least equal i7-4770K (and is £40 cheaper). The FX9590 beats FX8150 by 31%. I noticed faster FPS in ME3 (20%) & Crysis3 (15.5%). In BIOS cpu voltage 1.452V, CPU/NB 1.4V, 8GB Kingston predator RAM 2400MHz @ 1.659v, SB 1.113v. All set to auto adjustment and all stable. My mobo is Asus Crosshair V Formula Z. Recommended mobo's for this cpu are Asus 990FX Formula Z, Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 Rev3 and Asrock 990FX Extreme 9. Make sure you have a beefy psu (at least 800W gold edition). Mine is Coolermaster 1250W Pro Power Gold. For £240 this cpu is a reasonable price (I would have preferred between £200-£220). I sold my FX8350 and regained 50% of outlay for my FX9590. I really wanted this cpu but I was not going to pay £650 for it when first released!. AMD needs to keep in the market by continuing to make good cpu's at competitive price. The i7-3770K is £275 and this FX9590 beats i7-3770K hands down. AMD needs to improve TDP and make high end FX cpu's more power efficient. The FX9590 is a good exercise in overclocking, but this is not the be all and end all. AMD need to focus on improved, more streamlined, efficient architecture. With Jim Keller on board (hot shot cpu designer), I think the Steamroller will be something special. Interested to see if it will beat the FX9590!.