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Laptop Cases

The mobility of laptops can offer great convenience for their users but without the right protection, laptops could become damaged as they are carried from place to place. The small investment of a laptop bag or case now could see laptop users avoid the high cost of repairs or a replacement later! We stock a wide range of laptop cases and bags by mobile accessory experts Targus (in addition to others manufactured by Belkin, Kensington, Razer, Toshiba, Sony and Novatech) to enable users of laptops worry free transit of their precious machines.

Zippered, padded, removable shoulder strap, adjustable shoulder strap, back slip pocket
£10.12 inc vat
31 in stock

Stock Code: TAR-100095

Manf Code: TAR300

Top-loading - TelescopingHandle39 cm (15.4")Nylon - Black
£53.99 inc vat
2 in stock

Stock Code: TAR-100045

Manf Code: TEV001EU

Sleeve - 26 cm (10.2") Screen Support - 225 mm x 303 mm x 16 mm - Neoprene - Blue
£11.99 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: TAR-100171

Manf Code: TSS135EU

£34.99 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: TAR-TBB454

Manf Code: TBB45402EU

Clamshell39 cm (15.4")Nylon - Black
£11.88 inc vat
50+ at Suppliers

Stock Code: TAR-100096

Manf Code: TBC002EU

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