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CCTV & Security

Most modern offices employ CCTV systems for the safety of both staff and property alike, but here at Novatech we also offer standalone CCTV starter kits just in case you want to bolster your business's security further. With both 2 or 4 camera CCTV systems available, our top of the range cameras utilise high quality Sony technology and are able to record both day and night thanks to inbuilt night vision capabilities. Coming with pre-installed hard drives able to store weeks of continuous recordings as well as offering such useful features as USB backups, remote activation and access via the internet or even your mobile phone, our great value CCTV cameras are certainly worth considering.


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Includes DVR with 1TB WD Purple Hard Drive, 2 x CCTV Cameras, 4 Channels
£196.70 inc vat
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Stock Code: NOV-HG4DIY

Manf Code: HG4DIY1T

Includes DVR with 1TB WD Purple Hard Drive, 4 x CCTV Cameras, 8 Channels
£244.98 inc vat
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Stock Code: NOV-HG8DIY

Manf Code: HG8DIY1TB

£37.98 inc vat
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Stock Code: NOV-SV061

Manf Code: SV061-48

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