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Reduce frustration, increase efficiency and have all the latest kit within your reach with this range of PC peripheral products. Whether it's a new wireless keyboard, the latest headset or better scanners and speakers it's well worth investing in all the tools and equipment you need for the optimal working environment. Forget the all in one printer that always jams and the mouse that always sticks, from the must-have essentials to all the latest designs you'll find plenty of PC peripheral options from all the leading manufacturers. With user reviews, live stock updates, free lifetime technical support and free delivery over £50 it's an easy choice to make.

Right/Left Handed, Plug-in and Play, 800 DPI
£2.99 inc vat
29 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-OPMS

Manf Code: MSEHL-USB

Wired, USB, Black, Comfort roundedge keycaps, Laser inscribed keys, Adjustable keyboard height, Drain holes to exhaust liquid from the keyboard
£5.99 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: NOV-KEYBD3

Manf Code: NOV-KEYBD3

£2.98 inc vat
13 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-MICROB


Wired, USB, Black
£4.99 inc vat
13 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-KEYB

Manf Code: KBUSB-BLK

2.4G Wireless; Ergonomic & Comfort; Precision optical sensor 800/1200/1600dpi; Portable, foldable design; USB nano receiver
£9.98 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: NOV-FDMICE


£10.49 inc vat
Ordered Upon Request

Stock Code: NOV-PSG025

Manf Code: PSG02564

Wired, USB, 6D, Optical, 600-1000-1600 DPI changeable, Runs anywhere without a pad
£5.99 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: NOV-MOUSE2

Manf Code: NOV-MOUSE2

Supports Hot swap, Over current protection, USB 3.0 Transfer speed up to 5Gbps
£13.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-4818U3

Manf Code: H4818-U3-BK

USB, Black, 3200dpi, 6 Buttons
£19.99 inc vat
15 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-ELEG3

Manf Code: ELE-G3

£9.98 inc vat
Awaiting Stock

Stock Code: NOV-HDSET5

Manf Code: MHH-SW782X

Right/Left Handed, Plug-in and Play
£3.98 inc vat
12 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-BOPMS

Manf Code: MSEHL-92

USB Powered
£4.99 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-SPEAK

Manf Code: NOV-SPEAK

800-1200-2000dpi; USB interface; 6D buttons; Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 supports; Work on most surfaces
£8.99 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: NOV-GW939

Manf Code: 939.

£7.58 inc vat
22 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-1007P

Manf Code: NOV-1007P

1000 dpi, 2.4 Ghz, Nano USB receiver
£8.48 inc vat
16 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-MX24

Manf Code: MSEHM-W-MX24

Full HD Video 1080p, 12MP for pictures, 5MP for video
£20.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-HDWEBC

Manf Code: WHH-92

Built in Mic, manual Focus, USB 2.0
£14.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-CAMWEB

Manf Code: VCH8-M301L

Nano USB Mini Receiver, Low Profile, Keyboard/Mouse auto pairing
£16.99 inc vat
13 Overdue

Stock Code: NOV-DTH25W

Manf Code: DTH25W

£4.99 inc vat
9 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-USB24

Manf Code: NOV-USB24

38 watts RMS power (18W subwoofer, 10W each satellite)
£44.99 inc vat
5 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-A301

Manf Code: SPH-A301

Reduces Posture Related Injuries, Adapts Perfectly for any Wrist, Extremely Soft Covering, Enables Relaxed Arm Posture
£5.99 inc vat
Ordered Upon Request

Stock Code: NOV-GWRMPB

Manf Code: SL-6211-SBK-01

£19.99 inc vat
15 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-DRGWAR

Manf Code: GAMEKEY003

8200 DPI, 12000 FPS, 10 Customized Buttons, LED Indicator for Status
£45.58 inc vat
11 in stock

Stock Code: SHO-PM1002

Manf Code: PM-1002-BL-IUS

2.4 GHz, 105 Key - English (UK) Optical - 1200 dpi - 3 Button - Scroll Wheel
£16.99 inc vat
10 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-MOUKEY

Manf Code: CK2A0-4E3P

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