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Reduce frustration, increase efficiency and have all the latest kit within your reach with this range of PC peripheral products. Whether it's a new wireless keyboard, the latest headset or better scanners and speakers it's well worth investing in all the tools and equipment you need for the optimal working environment. Forget the all in one printer that always jams and the mouse that always sticks, from the must-have essentials to all the latest designs you'll find plenty of PC peripheral options from all the leading manufacturers. With user reviews, live stock updates, free lifetime technical support and free delivery over £50 it's an easy choice to make.

Wired, Analogue, Stereo, In-line Audio Control, Adjustable Headband
£4.99 inc vat
12 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-980177

Manf Code: 980177-0000

800 DPI, Wired, Plug & Play
£5.48 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: LOG-B100

Manf Code: 910-003357

2 x 1.2W Stereo Speakers, Volume Control, Power by USB Connection (1 Cable for Sound and Power)
£11.99 inc vat
7 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-980029

Manf Code: 980-000029

Wireless KB/Mouse set, 2.4GHz up to 10m, spill resistant, 8 hot keys Thin profile, standard layout, full size F-keys
£20.99 inc vat
16 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-MK270

Manf Code: 920-004523

£12.14 inc vat
9 Due 27 October

Stock Code: LOG-M185

Manf Code: 910-002235

Wired, Black, USB, QWERTY, Low-profile Keys, Quiet Keys, Slim, Spill Resistant, Ergonomic, English (UK)
£8.99 inc vat
9 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-KS10

Manf Code: 920-002524

£21.66 inc vat
9 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-H340

Manf Code: 981-000475

USB Cable Keyboard - USB Cable Mouse - Optical
£13.99 inc vat
6 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100011

Manf Code: 920-002552

Over-the-head - Binaural - Semi-open
£9.98 inc vat
18 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100039

Manf Code: 981-000094

2 x 1.15W Stereo Speakers, Volume Control, Headphone Jack
£9.98 inc vat
17 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-980011

Manf Code: 980-000011

2.0 5 W (RMS)
£18.67 inc vat
6 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100125

Manf Code: 980-000419

£21.89 inc vat
4 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100084

Manf Code: 960-000582

Wireless 2.4GHz, 3.5inch Touch Pad, Multimedia Hotkeys, 1 Year Battery Life
£34.99 inc vat
4 Due 27 October

Stock Code: LOG-K400

Manf Code: 920-003116

£29.99 inc vat
2 at Suppliers

Stock Code: LOG-M525

Manf Code: 910-002583

USB - 640 x 480 Video Calling - 1024 x 768 Video Capture - 5 megapixels Photos
£14.99 inc vat
11 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-C170

Manf Code: 960-000759

£29.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-MK330

Manf Code: 920-003986

1000 DPI, Side-to-side scrolling, Windows 8 Start screen button
£32.70 inc vat
50+ at Suppliers

Stock Code: LOG-M557

Manf Code: 910-003958

Right Handed, 9 Buttons, Laser, Wireless, USB Interface, Darkfield Technology, Black/Silver
£64.99 inc vat
19 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-911121

Manf Code: 910-001121

£34.66 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100085

Manf Code: 960-000586

USB - Scroll Wheel
£41.93 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100034

Manf Code: 910-001949

13 Programmable Buttons, Ideal for MMORPGs, Onboard memory profiles, Sensitivity switching, Dual-mode scroll wheel, Wireless and Wired, USB, Black
£94.86 inc vat
2 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-G700

Manf Code: 910-003423

£17.99 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-K270

Manf Code: 920-003745

£59.99 inc vat

Stock Code: LOG-MXANY

Manf Code: 910-002898

2.1 Speakers, 2 x 6W Satellites, 1 x 18W Subwoofer, Volume Control, Headphone Jack, Line In
£43.98 inc vat
3 Due 27 October

Stock Code: LOG-Z323

Manf Code: 980-000355

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