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AMD reveal the power of PCIe Gen 4 and much more

AMD stole the headlines during Computex 2019 when Dr. Lisa Su announced AMD’s latest line of AMD processors, graphics cards and motherboards. More has since been revealed today during a webinar with AMD’s Product Marketing Manager Don Woligroski, going deeper into the unrestrained power and features of their latest hardware.

AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen are the first processors that are PCI Express 4.0 ready

Among the new information that we have learned from Mr. Woligroski about the brand-new technology for gamers, the most notable attention was directed towards the exciting addition of the world’s first PCIe Gen 4 ready platform in AMD’s processor' lanes.

What we have learned about PCIe Gen 4 includes:

- x2 bandwidth for motherboards, graphics, and storage.

- Up to 32 GB/s bandwidth that will accelerate workflow.

- On average, PCIe Gen 4 will have up to 42% faster SSD storage performance.

- Up to 69% faster graphics in just one generation.

The benefits of PCIe Gen 4

The benefits of PCIe Gen 4

All the PCIe lanes in the new chips are unrestrained and dedicated to specific connections. It is very clear that AMD is proud to be pushing this new technology in all of their hardware going forward, It's clear why they have directed our attention to their potential.

Consumers need PCIe Gen 4

Among the other information revealed by Don Woligroski is that AMD is working hard to make sure that they do not alienate older customers, working tirelessly to enable the new processors are compatible with older motherboards. How far this trend will go in correlation with specific hardware can be seen in the graph below.

For more information, check back here as we post videos from the webinar.

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Published on 30 May 2019

Last updated on 30 May 2019

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