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Andrew WK at E3

A lot of the post E3 chatter, blog posts, recaps and hot takes have been about the Brands and Games themselves and rightly so but I've personally been a fan of one of the overlooked aspects of the weekend, Andrew WK appearing at the Besthesda announcement of Rage 2.

Now first of all, I'll point out that there's a group of us here at Novatech who are big fans of Andrew WK, we went to see the band live at the local Wedgewood Rooms on the tour at the beginning fo 2018, here's a quick live video of him there and you may even spot a Novatech fan boy t shirt crowdsurfing at one point

It all started when I was doing my usual peruse of my Twitter feed one evening and I stumbled upon this gem from the official Andrew WK twitter account.

Wait what? This absolutely blew my mind as I had no idea he was going to be there and he immidiately got some great replies

And it looks like Andrew WK might have won over a few new fans too

After a bit of digging I eventually stumbled upon his full performance of "Ready to Die" one of the classics from the self titled album and it's well worth a watch just to see some of the curious faces in the crowd.

Now why exactly was Andrew WK appearing for Bethesda here, well he actually has a history with them after appearing in the Fallout 4 game as a voice of a character, RedEye and that's now lead to him having a similar role in their new game Rage 2 where he performs the voice of character Ruckus.

There's a really nice interview with him by PCGamesn.com about the story and history of Andrew WK working with Bethesda here > https://pcgamesn.com/rage-2/rage-2-andrew-wk


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Published on 29 Jun 2018

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