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Apex Legends map was actually leaked in 2018


Apex Legends, a game produced by EA, was leaked in April 2018 and yet nobody seemed to notice. On the social media platform Reddit, someone made a post that contained a massive clue to a game called Apex Legends and it just seemed to be passed by and pushed to the side.

The Reddit user “Hitlconic” posted map images and some more information about a game that was going to come out - such as respawn locations and so on - but lots of users  passed it by and the few people that actually acknowledged it didn't give them the credit they deserved, calling the posts fake and not being too nice about what they were trying to do.

Apex Legends Map, 2018
The leaked map posted by Reddit user Hitlconic in April 2018


However, after the game was released and the leaks were confirmed, many users of subreddit gave a gold to the user and quite a few apologized for their actions and for not taking the leak seriously. Some say that the games development team attempted to arrange the leak. If they were the ones behind this mysterious leak, then they didn't do a good job of making hype for the game. Regardless, Apex Legends has blown to become a battle royale hit success.

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Published on 01 Mar 2019

Last updated on 01 Mar 2019

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