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Novatech Rank In Top 100 Best Companies To Work For In The South

Here at Novatech, we were recently awarded a place in the top 100 best companies to work for in the South of England!

1-star b-Heard Accreditation

Our commitment and drive for improving the business over the past few years has seen adaptations to the way in which we work, and we have taken much pride in implementing these changes to the working environment, based on staff feedback.

With staff mental health and well-being at the forefront of the business, we have been awarded this coveted status after taking part in the annual b-Heard survey.

The b-Heard Survey

The b-Heard survey is a globally recognised accreditation that allows businesses to gain honest and insightful feedback by asking employees to submit their responses both confidentially and securely. The survey invites employees to respond to statements about their well-being, pay and benefits, personal growth, team, the leadership and much more.

As a company, we have taken part in the survey since 2019 and this year have been named one of the top 100 companies to work for in the south-east, gaining a 1-star accreditation.

b-Heard scoring system

While the final positioning within the top 100 companies is still yet to be released, we are pleased to have made the cut.

Best Companies Accreditation

A 1-star accreditation is achieved with a BCI score of over 659.5 and represents 'very good' levels of workplace engagement.

The b-Heard accreditation programme is a standard for workplace engagement; just like the way that the Michelin star system signified excellence in the hospitality sector, the b-Heard star accreditation system is the equivalent used to recognise the very best in the business world.

What This Means To Us

Not only does taking part in the survey improve life at work for our staff, it's also a great way to show people what a great place Novatech is to work.  We make sure we provide all members of staff a great employee experience which has been really important to us and was a catalyst for taking part in the survey.

During the pandemic, staff well-being, communication and engagement has been more important than ever; it's been vital to help everyone get through the tough times.

Our Director & Owner David Furby, commented about this achievement, saying he was "hugely proud that Novatech has achieved this prestigious honour, particularly during such a challenging year!"

Over 90% of our staff took part in the survey, giving open and honest feedback about their working life. We always actively encourage feedback from staff and do our utmost to implement change in line with staff suggestions for improvement.

Lyndsay Moger, Head of Human Resources said, "Our ambition has been to create a culture where honest feedback is embraced - it's helped us to do more of what we're good at, and make positive change where it was needed. It's great to see our results; we're so pleased people are feeling valued and engaged, even during these tough pandemic times.

...Our people are at the heart of what makes Novatech great. This result is a collective effort in making sure we do the right thing by our brilliant people!"

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Published on 10 May 2021

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