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BeerBods - Getting more people to drink better beer.

At 9pm tonight, several hundred people scattered across the country will sit down with a bottle of Burton Bridge Bramble Stout and taste it simultaneously.  Over a hundred will take to Twitter to discuss the beer in humorous and enthusiastic detail, while many more choose a less digital communion and will share it with friends and groups of like-minded, craft beer enthusiasts in person.  Welcome then to the BeerBods community; a growing movement that, as founder and HeadBod Matt Lane explains, aims to get more people drinking better beer.

“We find the best beers in the UK and around the world and send them to our subscribers in the post. Everyone drinks one beer a week and we tell the stories behind that beer as you drink it. The power of the internet and a bit of clever logistics means we all drink each beer at the same time.”

Matt has tapped into the growing Craft Beer revolution where the emphasis is on small batch brewers experimenting with new flavours and ingredients and reviving traditional styles and methodologies.

“People are increasingly interested in where the things they buy come from – particularly when it comes to food and drink. We love beer with a story behind it – beer made by small, local, independent breweries, the kind that put their hearts, souls and ideas in to what they are making.  We love beer that reflects where it was made and who it was made by. We love beer that makes you think about what’s in it. We love beer that you can chat about with friends. We want to get more people drinking that kind of beer.”

Matt really loves beer. Having launched BeerBods in his spare time, this year he realised that his love of a beer with a strong personality was shared by enough people for him to give up a good job and to make it a full time business.  And he’s not looked back, being feted in the Financial Times and named as one of the 100 most “innovative, disruptive and resourceful small businesses in the UK” by SMARTA and O2.

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Published on 07 Mar 2016

Last updated on 07 Mar 2016

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