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Behind the Scenes at Novatech HQ - Part 1

Here at Novatech, we build thousands of systems a month which includes building and testing each and every one of them including PCs, Laptops, Workstations, Servers and Motherboard or Barebone Bundles. To cope with a fast and strenous workload we have a great Production team who work together in completing every aspect to meet specific regulations and also to ensure every system is exactly what the Customer has ordered.

We've put together a great, brief timelapse video of them working in our Production area so you can see an example of how the Production area runs on a daily basis.


We're very fond and proud of our HQ building down here in the sunny (not really sunny) South coast and we're always striving to improve the building and of course it's facilities. Over the past 18-24 months we've had new offices built and old offices transformed and updated to improve working conditions for everyone.

About 2 years ago in 2014 we had a whole new office built, extending the area of the top offices over the top of our warehouse to make room for the increasing members of (very lovely) staff members we have.


After this new office was built, staff from an older office began to migrate over to it leaving an older room empty and plans to upgrade this to match were begun and eventually completed at the beginning of 2016 with our lovely Customers Services & Tech Support team moving over into some new digs to call their new home.



The work however continues with all the other offices planning to be revamped with other surprises due to be thrown in as well so look out for Part 2 on it's way (hopefully sometime in 2016!)

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Published on 16 Jun 2016

Last updated on 16 Jun 2016

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