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Reign Gaming: Our prebuilt Gaming PC and Gaming Laptop range, designed to deliver quality gaming performance

Reign Gaming PCs and Reign Gaming Laptops are all about eliminating the guesswork and streamlining the process of buying a great gaming system. Built using the latest, high-quality gaming grade components from the world's most trusted brands, they guarantee smooth, beautiful and more responsive gameplay, whether you're gaming at 1080p, 1440p or 4K.

Reign Gaming

Designed and built following extensive market research and feedback provided by Novatech’s existing customer base, our Reign Gaming PCs and Gaming Laptops include the hardware horsepower needed to drive the latest generation of games. With more storage, faster boot-times, and faster game loading, plus the ability to run virtual reality headsets, and the latest streaming and content creation softwares too, Reign Gaming PCs and Laptops give you the power to do it all. And these are just some of the benefits that come with one of our prebuilt Reign Gaming PCs or Laptops. So, if you're still wondering whether you should build or buy a PC, read on to discover more of the benefits to buying one of our prebuilt gaming PCs.

Benefits of Prebuilt Gaming PCs and Gaming Laptops

Whatever your gaming and PC knowledge may be, whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, prebuilt gaming PCs and Laptops have their benefits for all, even over custom builds.

Great for All Levels

If you're a gaming beginner with limited PC building knowledge, then it’s safe to say that building your own custom PC could prove difficult, and at the very least, it's often a daunting task. Rewarding as the process can be, it's certainly not for eveyone - there's always small risks associated with the building process, many of which most novices won't have heard of. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is one example of this, and it can potentially damage or even completely brick new hardware if it happens. Even installing an all-in-one water cooling system incorrectly can cause damage to other components, or itself, on account of sub-optimum fan and radiator mounting, or worse, poor orientation of the water-block which can cause some serious issues with air pockets and pump burnout further down the line. With a prebuilt Reign Gaming system though, these aren't risks you'll need to worry about.

But for those who have a wider understanding of PC hardware, and even those that have built their own systems, don’t be fooled - our prebuilt PCs can still be beneficial for you too. We know that experienced and enthusiast builders know exactly what they are getting from one of our prebuilt gaming PCs, and we hope they can see that what Reign has on offer is nothing less than a premium, zero comprimise gaming experience all at a fair price. So if time is tight and you're in need of a new custom gaming PC, we're sure you'll love our line-up. What's more, if our base versions aren't quite up to your spec, you'll be more than pleased to find that all of our systems are fully configurable, with a healthy range of compatible options and alternative components. 

Not only can you sit back and relax without having to worry about managing the time and hassle of building your new PC, but you can also rest assured knowing all of our Reign Gaming PCs and Gaming Laptops come with a 3-year warranty too.

Component Safety, Compatibility and No Bottlenecking

When building a custom PC, component compatibility, in all its forms, is often a problem some builders will face. A common mistake people make is purchasing the wrong balance of components, often overspending on CPUs for instance, or else underestimating the wattage they'll need from a power supply. Thankfully, when purchasing any of our prebuilt Gaming PCs, you don’t need to worry about any of that. When choosing our ‘gaming grade' components, we choose the fastest, most durable components available, pairing them to create a well-balanced Gaming PC which, with our expert knowledge and experience, will be perfectly pieced together like a fine and delicate puzzle. That means you get the best performance possible across every game, at every price point. That's why we're the only custom Gaming PC builder in the UK confident enough to provide actual, unedited benchmark footage for every Reign Gaming system we build.

Fast Everything

It Saves Time

Building your own gaming PC can be a long and complex process depending on which components you choose, the size of your case, and many, many more factors. There’s a lot of research, calculating and testing involved. Unless you're pretty tech-savvy and have the time to invest, it might not be the best option for you. With a prebuilt gaming PC, you know that the right specs for high-quality gaming are already built-in and tested before going on the shelves, and Reign is no exception.

Built for High-End Performance

With a prebuilt Reign Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop, you know they're reliable. They are specially built and meticulously designed by professionals within the industry, providing you with the power and specs to run games from Fortnite and Minecraft, to BattlefieldMicrosoft Flight Sim and just about any other game to their maximum potential. In fact, we actually have a number of PCs built especially for the most popular games around, as well as the numerous, ever-expanding list of current, graphically demanding AAA titles.

Always up-to-date

We regularly update our Reign Gaming PCs and Laptops to ensure that all of our systems are using the newest hardware in the best possible combinations. So if you see a MKI, MKII, MKIII, and so on, you'll know that system has been recently updated to the latest and greatest in gaming hardware.

Warranties and Lifetime Support

All of our prebuilt Reign Gaming PCs and Gaming Laptops are covered by a 3-year warranty as standard. Not only this, but should you need any help and support with your Reign system, we offer free UK-based telephone support for the full lifetime of your Reign Gaming machine. No stress. No worries. Just time to kick back, chill out, and game on.

Custom Gaming PCs built right here in the UK

Our Reign Gaming PCs and Laptops are all designed, built, and supported in our UK, Hampshire-based HQ. So unlike other System Integrators, you know that whether you’re ordering your gaming pc or laptop, contacting our support team, or sending it in for repair, it all gets processed by a close-knit team working right beside one another.

Reign Gaming Range Explained - Which Prebuilt is for You?

All of our Reign systems are purpose-built Gaming PCs and Laptops, featuring all the latest hardware from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. Within the Reign range we offer 3 tiers, each with 4 variants. Each tier indicates a performance bracket, with each variant offering added performance within those tiers:

Reign Scout - Where Gaming Begins

Variants include: Core, Pro, Elite or Extreme - (Air Cooled Only)

Reign Sentry - Premium Gaming Performance

Variants include: Core, Pro, Elite or Extreme - (Air Cooled and Water Cooled options available)

Reign Vanguard - Premium Gaming PC meets Workstation

Variants include: Core, Pro, Elite or Extreme - (Air Cooled and Water Cooled options available)

Reign Nomad - Bring your A-game

Variants include: Core, Pro, Elite or Extreme - (featuring 15" Standard and 17" XL models, plus choice of 144Hz and 240Hz panels)


Designed for esports and 1080p gaming, Scouts are the Trailblazers of the Reign Gaming line-up. Giving you the perfect entry point into the gaming world, the Scouts are built using efficient and cost-effective hardware, with room for future upgrades.

Reign Scout MKI

This means they can run all manner of games, but are especially powerful when it comes to pushing high framerates at 1080p in esports titles, making them great for fans of Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, and many more!

They're compact systems with relatively small footprints compared to the Sentries and Vanguards, but still feature many of the components you'll find in the higher tiers, such as SSDs for the OS and storage, as well as 80+ Rated PSUs as standard.


With whisper-quiet fans, upgraded cooling and vibration dampening, all Sentry systems stay cool and run quietly, even under the most extreme workloads.

Prebuilt gaming PC’s like the Reign Sentry are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. In a Vortex review, Mathew Hodgeson comments, 'Cable management, component compatibility, the operating system set-up and the entire build process are all hurdles to overcome if you construct your own PC. An often daunting task. But system integrators, like Novatech, take all of this hassle away and add on a warranty to boot.'

Reign Sentry, Pre-Built Gaming PC

'Novatech’s 3-year warranty comes as standard with the Sentries, along with lifetime free tech support on the phone, should you ever need a hand overcoming an issue. All of that... represents very decent value when compared to the components on their own... plus a Windows 10 licence and that 3-year warranty. Not a bad deal at all. Novatech haven’t cheaped out in any area either, using only high-quality components.'

And that's only the half of it; we even offer next-day delivery as part of our Next-day Gaming PC Range, where you can find many of the Sentries listed.

If it wasn't testimony enough already, then check out some thoughts from some other reviewers, plus our partners like Leahviathan, who we recently worked with to design our previous Limited Edition Reign Sentry, the Lux.


The Vanguards are powerhouse PCs aimed at top-end gaming and content creation, with genuine gaming grade components from some of the world's most trusted brands offering the power needed for seamless high-resolution, high-settings gameplay. With subtle RGB lighting, maintenance-free liquid CPU coolers, and with everything housed within the sleek and modest Corsair 5000D or NZXT H710, the Vanguards eminate that air of power that comes with their hardware.

Reign Vanguard, Pre-Built Gaming PC

Designed especially for streamers and content creators, the Vanguards are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a PC capable of delivering an uncomprimising 4K gaming experience, and the processing horsepower of high-end workstations for professional workloads.

Game Supreme with a Vanguard, and run it all.


Reign Nomad Gaming Laptops take the best of Reign Gaming PCs and condense it all into a compact, mobile form factor.

Reign Nomad Extreme XL

With premium components, ultra-light chassis, and extensive connectivity options, these gaming laptops let you bring your A-game, no matter where you go.




Great gaming guaranteed

The Reign philosophy is simple; design and make great gaming PCs. We spend a lot of time testing our systems to guarantee a great gaming experience - no fancy marketing gimmicks, just 100% honest benchmarks and gameplay footage, so you know exactly what to expect.

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