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Customer Story #10 - Bright Bricks (LEGO Certified Building Company)

We're always taking an interest in what our Customers use their Workstations for and constantly keeping an eye out for any that stand out, one day an order for a company called Bright Bricks went through our system and the name stuck out a bit, what sort of bright bricks do you think of when you hear those words. So a quick Google of the name and this is what you're faced with;

Bright Bricks Google Results


So of course your intrigue has now spiked tenfold, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO. It's one of the biggest brands in the world right now, my kids spend all of their pocket money on whatever they can get their hands on, mini figures, Star Wars vehicles, whatever it is they want it. They find videos of other kids building sets on You Tube, watch them, when they get them, they then get me to build them which, ok ok ok, in all honesty I'm pretty happy with. LEGO is a culture and a community of people, it's humungous and now we've got a customer who builds it, this is awesome then?

So our interest levels are through the roof, we get in touch with them and have a chat with them about their current projects, what they use our machines for and ask if we can pop over for a visit to find out more and take a look around. Bright Bricks are the UK's only LEGO certiified building company and they're currently working on a great project called The Great Brick Safari for Marwell Zoo for the Summer and then we will be part of their Brick Safari Tour.

We sat down with Bryn Morgan from Bright Bricks who talks us through how they work nowadays and how that has evolved from previous years. They need big, powerful Quadro Workstations to design the models using specific software before they hand it over to the builders to do their part.

Bryn chose to get his Custom Quadro Workstations from Novatech because of previous experiences with Novatech, customising and buying his own personal Gaming PC a few years back without any complications.

Check out the full chat with Bryn and his colleagues here

To view the full range of Novatech Pro Graphics Workstations and configure your own to your exact needs head to our site here.

I can't wait to see all of the finished parts of the Great Brick Safari and will definitely be heading over to Marwell Zoo myself with my family to check it out!

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Published on 06 Jun 2017

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  • :Leon :Edwards - 14 Jun 2017

    WOW. My mouth dropped when I saw the elephant. Awesome :)


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