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Novatech's "how to" posts. Covering a wide range of situations to enable you to make the most of your computing experience.

A low cost way of setting up Dual Monitors

11 May 2018 | Jerry Hughes


The essential build of a balanced PC

13 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

When it comes to building your PC - like buying a house, a car, or any item of clothing - you need it to fit you. If you are using your machine for heavy media-editing work, you’re not going to want an advanced gaming PC that has all the trimmings for that particular field.


How to install a Novatech Motherboard Bundle

08 May 2017 | Jerry Hughes

We walk through the instructions of how to insert your new Novatech Motherboard Bundle into a computer including instructions on how to remove an already installed Motherboard if you do have one.


How to install an SSD using a conversion bracket.

25 Apr 2017 | Jerry Hughes

We walk through the simple steps of installing a SanDisk SSD into a PC using a Novatech 2.5" to 3.5" Conversion Frame.


How to Install a Corsair H100i CPU Liquid Cooler

13 Apr 2016 | Jerry Hughes

Ever wanted to get in to water cooling on your PC but haven't had the courage? We're here to help you and to show you how.


How to turn your SSD into a Portable SSD Hard Drive

08 Apr 2016 | Jerry Hughes

With so much data to cling on to and to transport around with us, external hard drives are the thing to have. Why not reuse an old drive and repurpose it into a mobile data store.


Having HD playback issues? Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 to the rescue.

01 Oct 2013 | Jerry Hughes

This is a very modern problem. You’ve got an MP4 or MKV file and you want to watch it on your TV rather than your monitor because you’d rather enjoy your multimedia in its glorious 50 inches of HD.