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The latest updates from Novatech's important projects and proudest achievements

Working with Monzo, the UK’s fastest growing digital bank

29 Mar 2019 | Harry Pages

Novatech's case study on working with online banking giants Monzo


Simulator defence platforms that are saving lives

12 Mar 2018 | Harry Pages

Simulator and virtual reality training that is saving more than just costs


Saving training costs with virtual reality

09 Feb 2018 | Harry Pages

Simulators using virtual reality are provided with ultra-realistic, controlled environments. They test a user’s abilities, with easy training evolution and cost-effective methods. See, it turns out that virtual reality isn’t just for gaming.


Adapting future AI with Novatech's Deep Learning solutions

15 Jan 2018 | Harry Pages

The way we work is changing.


Novatech's Christmas Cracker

19 Dec 2017 | Harry Pages

This project was a rousing opportunity that tested Novatech and allowed the company to develop work in some fantastic technology. A cracker – and not the kind you are going to be battling Nan over during Christmas dinner.


Simulating smooth sailing with Novatech

12 Dec 2017 | Harry Pages

Defence simulations are saving lives and training the military personnel of tomorrow with advanced technology that provides the controlled learning conditions to safely learn and adapt them to the varied situations that they may encounter while saving on funds, time and resources.


Another happy landing with Novatech

05 Dec 2017 | Harry Pages

A four-year contract. 28 sites across the United Kingdom. It’s not every day that you can say that you’re helping to land airplanes. In an exciting development earlier this year, Novatech were awarded the 4-year contract to tailor hardware for the system of multiple air traffic control sites.


Developing a first-of-it's-kind solution

28 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

At Novatech, a fresh opportunity to innovate is always an attractive prospect. Technology is about building. Developing. Learning. With months of hard work already behind this project, Novatech have been devising an adaptable, integrated turnkey IT system for a complex driving simulator; the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.


Novatech calculate the skies

24 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

For this first project, we literally reached for the skies. Custom, advanced hardware for the development of an air and maintenance crew trainer simulation.