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Crazy CryptoKitties scratching Ethereum

06 Dec 2017 | Harry Pages

These bizarre virtual felines are breeding like rabbits all over the internet.


Novatech Kingsnake esports collaboration announcement

01 Dec 2017 | Harry Pages

We know you're going to like this...


Racing 24 hours in virtual reality for Children in Need

27 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

We all thought we had lost our minds. It had started with an idea: with Children in Need around the corner, what is a unique way to raise money as a technology company using – you guessed it – technology.


18 PC game releases for 2018

24 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

Adventure, agony; excursions or slow-paced puzzles - whatever your preference, a tidal-wave of PC releases are coming to continue the cycle of gaming experiences. Time to sharpen your wits and upgrade your GPU because it is going to be a BIG year.


Thermaltake and Asus Watercooling In Store Gaming Day

20 Nov 2017 | Jerry Hughes

Thermaltake and Asus Watercooling In Store Gaming Day Saturday 25th November


Intel and AMD are joining forces

08 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

In the most random collaboration since Batman vs Superman, the two chip giants are coming together to create a new laptop chip. Gamers, perk ye’ ears!


24 Hour Nonstop Virtual Reality Session for Children in Need

08 Nov 2017 | Harry Pages

Calling all gamers, technophiles, and avid lovers of all things innovative and fun:


Destiny 2: Sequel politics

13 Oct 2017 | Harry Pages

You asked, Bungie listened


Motionless sickness: Why Virtual Reality caused headaches

03 Oct 2017 | By Harry Pages

The science of surpassing VR's simulation nausea


Why you should buy a Pre-Built PC

29 Sep 2017 | Harry Pages

Yes, you could build it yourself for less...

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