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How am I going to entertain my children on a 5 hour car journey?

19 May 2017 | Jerry Hughes

Every now and then I run into a predicament of life and I then spend some time thinking about a resolution, some times it's a lot easier than I'd imagine it would be...


PC RGB Lighting - Why it's Stupidly Great

20 Jan 2017 | Adam Vjestica

RGB lighting is a silly, fundamentally pointless feature. And yet it’s totally awesome all the same.


Gaming Chairs - Why Your Derriere Deserves The Best

09 Nov 2016 | Adam Vjestica

If you’re a PC gamer, do your back and butt a favour by buying a gaming chair.


Membrane Keyboards - A Cheaper More Viable Alternative

03 Nov 2016 | Adam Vjestica

Cheap, quiet and commonplace. Find out why membrane keyboards are still the savvy buyer’s choice.


Why You Should Upgrade Your PCs Ram

19 Oct 2016 | Adam Vjestica

Give your PC a new lease of life by upgrading its RAM.


AMD and NVIDIA Launch new Game Promotions

23 Aug 2016 | Jerry Hughes

1 day, 2 great game promotions.


Powerline Adapters - Boost Your Online Gaming Experience

31 May 2016 | Adam Vjestica

If you suffer from poor Wi-Fi coverage across your home and yearn for a more stable gaming experience when online, try plugging in a pair of Powerline Adapters.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 - The Wait Is Over!

27 May 2016 | Jerry Hughes

It is time...


TP Link Announce New Whole-Home Coverage Wi-FI Range Extender

24 May 2016 | Jerry Hughes

TP Link have just announced their latest piece of Wireless Networking kit...


Mechanical Keyboards - Why It's Time to Invest

19 May 2016 | Adam Vjestica

Noisy, expensive - but totally worth it. Find out why you should buy a mechanical keyboard today.

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