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Chatsmore School, One to One

Chatsmore Catholic High School is a mixed comprehensive secondary school located in Goring-By-Sea, Worthing. The school has over 600 pupils and holds specialist Arts College status. Specialist schools focus on their chosen subject area, providing enhanced learning opportunities in this field. It is very important to Chatsmore School to help students improve their own learning and have the best possible access to appropriate learning programmes in school and at home to enhance their education.


To provide students with access to an IT learning platform both in school and at home.

Chatsmore School opened a corporate account with Novatech Education in 2009. The school wanted to launch a "One to One" learning programme, supported by a grant from the e-learning foundation. The school was looking for a suitable portable unit to distribute to 500 students, for use at school and at home, giving the students the opportunity to take ownership of the product.


Following a consultation with the School regarding its needs and objectives, Novatech recommended the X10 netbook. Standard laptops were considered, however logistically they were deemed too large and difficult for the students to carry for long periods of time.

The X10, due to its size, weight (under 1.5kg), LED backlit screen and utilisation of new Windows 7 starter technology, was considered the perfect product when looking at the student demographic.

Customer Service

After continual close involvement with the project Novatech were asked to provide a 'total solution'. Therefore Novatech not only offered the product pre-imaged but also the ability to support the Netbooks with a tailored extended on-site warranty, multiple claim insurance and buffer stock. This complete sales package enabled a much smoother implementation process of the "One to One" home access scheme for the school.

Technical Support

Novatech provided all of the X10 units pre-imaged. The Chatsmore School IT team were given the opportunity to come to the Novatech head quarters in Portsmouth and meet the Production team manager to discuss how to best improve the efficiency of their imaging. The continual support from Novatech meant that the additional strain on the IT team was kept to a minimum.

Of the 3 competitors, Novatech were not only the most cost effective option, they were efficient in service and always readily available to support and assist in the formulation of the project concept.



Chatsmore Catholic High Schools "One to One" home access scheme is now up and running allowing:

  • The students to access all the learning platforms needed to have the best learning experience possible from school and at home.
  • The netbooks are filtered through the school security system, and so safeguarding their use.
  • The school hopes to be able to ensure that every student in the school has access to a netbook in the next couple of years.
  • On-going support to the school in the unlikely event that a problem may occur.


"Novatech understood our needs very well. Their tailored solution was crucial to the successful implementation of our "one to one" home access scheme. Of the 3 competitors, Novatech were not only the most cost effective option, they were efficient in service and always readily available in regards to support and assisting in the formulation of the project concept. We regularly endorse and refer to Novatech to our Catholic partner schools based within our diocese and schools in our local LEA. We find them cost effective, reliable, efficient and helpful."

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