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Looking for some data recovery help? 10% off with Data Quest.

Losing data can be one of the most distraught things to happen and when it happens to you, it feels like you're going down a never ending hole of people saying "Oh we can't do that for you" or "I can't get it". Whenever our PC Repairs have a customer ask about data recovery, we never hesitate to send them over to our friends at Data Quest.

Here's a look at a few of the most common data recovery issues straight from the mouths of Data Quest themselves...


If you’ve broken the USB connector off your USB Stick or USB Pen, we can help get the data back. We’ve seen so many of these failures, we thought it deserved it’s own page.

If your USB device has snapped off at the connector without damaging the circuit board, we should be able to help. If you’re not sure, we offer a free diagnosis anyway, so we can check it out for you.

In most cases, if the circuit board has been snapped, recovery can only be made by removing the data storage chip. We have a partner that we can send these types of failure to. It’s worth noting that if the data chip itself has been snapped, the recovery is not going to be possible for anyone.



We can recover your broken RAIDs with our in-house RAID Data Recovery Services. Although RAID gives protection against certain types of hardware failure, there are still plenty of reasons you might need data recovery from a RAID array. Most commonly we see more than one failed disk in a RAID 5 array, or more than two disks in RAID 6. As RAIDs are often made up of similar or matched disks, they often fail at similar times. This can mean multiple disks failing before the array has finished a rebuild. Also if the filesystem becomes damaged, the data can become inaccessible.

A while back there were some Seagate Barracuda disks that had a very regular firmware failure. They would often fail in bunches, breaking RAID arrays all over the place. More recently the Seagate ST2000DM disks are causing similar problems.

If you have any data recovery issues or questions, head on over to Data Quest, if you tell them we sent you, you'll get 10% off your order.


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Published on 18 May 2016

Last updated on 18 May 2016

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