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David Diley, Where PCs meet Sharks

To edit his HD feature films, David needed a high performance PC with real bite, capable of handling Adobe Premiere Pro. So, he came down to our factory to see his custom-designed machine being built.


As a cameraman making documentaries about man's relationship with sharks, David spent a lot of time on beaches and boats in glamorous places like Fiji, Spain and South Africa, so he had been using a Novatech laptop to edit his films on location. Over recent years, however, editing software like Premiere Pro has become far more powerful and demanding, and the size of the files associated with HD video have also increased exponentially. All of which tested David's dependable laptop to the limit. So, last Summer David accepted that he wouldn't always need to work on glamorous beaches and asked us to build him a high performance desktop for his Yorkshire-based editing suite.


He had several stipulations; not only that the machine had enough memory to run Premiere Pro's pre-render preview feature without glitching, but also that it had multiple card-reader slots - at the front of the machine - to cope with the assortment of memory cards that his different cameras used.

David accepted an invitation from his Account Manager to come down to our factory in Hampshire to collect his new PC, and we filmed him talking about his requirements, and having a good look around. He not only met his account manager and the technical support team, but also saw the assembly lines where his desktop was being built, and met the craftsmen responsible for assembling his new machine.


Occasionally David still manages to escape from the darkness of the edit suite, into the bright comfort of shark-infested seas, and he is still happy to take his Novatech laptop with him. The video below was made two years before he commissioned his PC, and he talks passionately about his work, his ethos and of course, sharks. All of which still rings true today. Jaques Cousteau said that "when you enter the ocean, you enter the food chain. Anot necessarily at the top." We're delighted to enable brave people like David to make powerful films that help to change the way we all perceive the natural world, and to help protect even the deadliest of predators.

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Published on 14 Feb 2016

Last updated on 14 Feb 2016

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