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Developing a first-of-it's-kind solution

During an important visit to our headquarters by a highly regarded company, one of the customers remarked a phrase that we at Novatech have heard many a time before…

‘I didn’t know you did that.

The same customers were amazed when they looked around and realised what we're capable of in-house and from some of the many projects we have worked on in the past.

The retail website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Novatech’s projects, making up only 50% of what we do. For nearly a decade, we’ve been working hard to diversify our offering. It's particularly hard to vaunt due to non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality clauses, proprietary hardware, and such. We also take our security and data protection extremely seriously. But it never hurts to be proud of what we are achieving.

Novatech are no longer just 'builders' or 'suppliers', we are trusted technology partners. And we work with some amazing companies. We offer consultation advice, complete project management, plus support - of course.  

So, we’ve decided to take you 'behind the scenes', show you what our dedicated and specialist teams get up to (as much as we're allowed to, anyway…) 

Integrated turnkey solutions

At Novatech, a fresh opportunity to innovate is always an attractive prospect. Technology is about building. Developing. Learning. With months of hard work already behind this project, Novatech has been devising an adaptable, integrated turnkey IT system for a complex driving simulator; the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.   

The evolution from the clients brief required Novatech to engineer, prototype, and manufacture a customised, transportable technology system that would work as an efficient and, as mentioned, adaptable solution that could be reconfigured to the clients’ requirements for running a land-based vehicle simulator.

Using Novatech’s specialist facilities, trials for the hardware progressed. Issues encountered worked as learning curves in development, with a steadfast determination to match exactly what the customer needed. The challenge was in creating the system with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology that would seamlessly adjust to the work-load being required of it. The project was a professional, unique opportunity for Novatech. By working in unexplored system development, we were swimming further into unexplored open water.

It just so happens that Novatech has over thirty years’ experience behind them, so you could say we know a thing or two about technological progress. Using extensive resources, Novatech perfected the project through design, development, and execution cognizance. Understanding and respecting each process affects every stage.

New capabilities were created for the hardware, requiring the least networking, computing or programmatic expertise for the clients when needed. This would save them on overall management and make the long-term use of their system much more efficient and less consuming of support.

While a project to be proud of, Novatech respected the confidentiality of the client at all times. As a technology partner, we work to be trusted. Specialist hardware solutions is our expertise and we work so that the only thing you need worry about is the end-result. Confidently is an important factor amongst our industry, for the benefits of our client’s business, the various industries they work in, and the important nature of some of our projects.

For this project, Novatech delivered a full project management service, which included: 

Project Scheduling 

Supply Chain Management 

Risk Management 

Communications Management 

Critical Path Analysis 


Technical Review 

Configuration Management 

Change Management 

Compliance Testing and Documentation 

Obsolescence Management 

Bet you didn’t know we could do all that?

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