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Direct 2 Desk: Our Established Custom API, Explained

In a previous blog, we covered our Fully Branded Custom Portals, a keystone feature of our Direct 2 Desk service. Quick to deploy, easy-to-use, and completely tailorable, they provide a convenient, all-encompassing platform from which to manage your remote asset lifecycle. However, they're only the first step.

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With our own API working directly with your internal systems and tools, you can fully integrate and automate our Direct 2 Desk service, making the entire JML process truly Zero Touch.

Direct Integration, Full Workflow Automation

Flexible, adaptable, and completely interoperable, our custom in-house API can be integrated into any existing internal systems used by your Operations Teams. From HR and Finance to IT Asset Management, you can integrate our API into every single stage and at any point of contact, allowing for full workflow automation with no oversight needed.

Novatech Custom In-House API

What's more, with our readily available and configurable test environment, your Web Developers will have the peace of mind to plan, develop and experiment, eliminating the risk of complications and potential down-time.

Instant Notifications for Full Visibility

Another advantage that comes with total integration is our comprehensive notification system, which will notify any internal systems linked to it of any changes or updates; order status, dispatches, and tracking information will all be forwarded to the relevant systems and tools. This also includes device serial numbers for automating enrolment in Autopilot and ABM.

Well-Established and Easy to Edit

With over 3 years of operational use by a plethora of existing partners, our API is extensively evidenced and thoroughly documented. And because it's written and maintained by our own in-house team of expert developers, it can endlessly evolve to meet your case-specific needs.

Real World Examples

One of our biggest D2D clients, the online banking giant Monzo, have made exhaustive use of our API for the last 3 years. As such, their onboarding process is now as simple as asking employees to install their custom mobile app.

New joiners can be assigned role specific devices, and freely choose their peripherals, which are then authorised through Monzo's internal systems. Once everything has been signed-off, our API takes over, automating everything else - equipment is procured, provisioned, and delivered, ready to use from the moment it arrives at their door.

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Go Zero Touch with Novatech's Direct 2 Desk

If you're a large organisation looking for a comprehensive, fully automated, and sustainable service delivering seamless remote asset lifecycle management and logistics, then look no further than Novatech's Direct 2 Desk.

To learn more, visit our site, or fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.

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