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Direct 2 Desk: Our Fully Branded Custom Portals, Explained

Home and remote working is here to stay, and businesses are struggling with the substantial problem of asset lifecycle management and logistics. Ensuring that every employee has the right equipment with the right software installed, fully configured and ready to work from wherever they may be, is no easy feat. 

But that's where Direct 2 Desk comes in: our comprehensive, automated service delivering seamless remote Joiner, Mover and Leaver (JML) asset lifecycle management and logistics. And it all begins with your very own fully branded custom portal, which is set up and ready to use within just 24 hours. But what exactly is it?

A User-friendly, web-based interface

Operations Teams expect a streamlined digital self-service experience, and our custom portals are designed to meet exactly that demand. But these portals are far more than just an e-commerce platform.

These specially designed websites provide a convenient, all-encompassing digital self-service platform. Curated specifically for administrators, employees, and even temporary guest users, they serve as a single point of access for your entire D2D experience.

D2D Custom Portal Login
D2D Custom Portal Home
D2D Custom Portal Monitors
D2D Custom Portal Laptops
D2D Custom Portal PCs
D2D Custom Portal Peripherals
D2D Custom Portal Product Descriptions
D2D Custom Portal Basket
D2D Custom Portal Orders
D2D Custom Portal Reports


From your personalised product catalogue complete with pre-arranged pricing and shipment tracking, to stock reports, real-time asset management, and full lifecycle visibility, everything is managed through this easy-to-use portal. Furthermore, these features (and many more) are fully controlled by your own system admin, who can adjust what users see when they login based on their assigned roles.

How does it work?

Our portals act as your front-end to our well-proven, comprehensive, and thoroughly documented API, making it possible to manage every single element of the JML process. But what might this look like in practice? Well, for example, let's take a new joiner who needs the appropriate equipment sent to their home address, fully loaded with the various software they'll need for their day-to-day workflow.

Your Operations Teams login to your custom portal, and select the required equipment for the new hire. This can be predetermined systems which are provisioned and asset tagged by us in advance, and are held as your own dedicated inventory in our logistics centre at no charge to you.

Novatech Employee asset tagging D2D equipment

We then ship the equipment directly to the new joiner for next day delivery, with full shipment tracking available, and maintain constant communication with the employee through regular text updates sent direct to their personal or work mobile.

Meanwhile, your Operations Teams can download a variety of detailed information about the order. This includes details such as serial numbers, allowing devices to be assigned via Autopilot where required. The equipment then arrives with your new hire, fully configured and ready to go.

What's more, with one of our friendly experts just a phone call away, you'll have full support throughout this entire process. From choosing your hardware and device configuration, right up to an employee's first login, the JML process has never been easier.

It's the same process again when it comes to movers or leavers too, with the main difference being an added step for collection. This step, however, is just as easy and convenient.

Mobile Phone displaying D2D DPD Parcel Tracking

This time, when your Operations Teams login to the portal, they simply call up the employee's equipment order, and click collect. Devices are then collected from the employee's home address within one working day of the request, or alternatively, the employee can arrange a collection date using our automated system.

The devices are returned to our Logistics Centre where we assess the equipment, resetting and refreshing the device ready for rapid redeployment or later reuse by another employee. Alternatively, our in-house team can refurbish for resale or donation to a chosen organisation.

Novatech Employee boxing up Apple Macbook for D2D customer

When the time comes, we'll recycle the device in the most sustainable way with full audit reporting. All maximising your residual value. And no matter which option you choose, we offer secure, certified, onsite data erasure, or destruction by shredding, keeping you both compliant and sustainable.

Just the first step

Our fully branded custom portals are quick to deploy, easy-to-use, and are tailorable to your exact needs, but they're just the first step. With our own API hooked directly into your internal systems and tools, you can fully integrate and automate our Direct 2 Desk service, making the process of managing your IT logistics truly Zero Touch.

Read more about our custom API here, and find out how it can be integrated into your own systems.


To learn more about our Direct 2 Desk service, visit our site, or fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.

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