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Direct 2 Desk: Our Sustainable Practices, Explained

Direct 2 Desk is a comprehensive, fully automated service delivering seamless remote Joiner, Mover and Leaver (JML) asset lifecycle management and logistics. It's proven to reduce operational costs as well as the complexity of remote asset lifecycle management, and is perfect for large scale operations and organisations. But perhaps one of its most impressive aspects is its circular economy.

Novatech's Direct 2 Desk Sustainability graphic

With an equipment lifecycle that favours reuse over recycling, a host of responsible, eco-friendly policies and partners, plus investments into renewable energy sources, Novatech is aiming to offer you the most sustainable, Net Zero circular service by 2030.

Reducing Purchased and Indirect Energy Use

Purchasing new devices to replace otherwise perfectly functional equipment means indirectly buying into the manufacturing process; a process which is inherently energy intensive, accounting for 25% of a device's total Carbon Footprint. Meanwhile, the old devices must also be disposed of, and although we responsibly recycle equipment that has reached its end-of-life, this process still requires a fair amount of energy. 

With years of experience in professionally refurbishing devices, and the capacity to reset and refresh equipment ready for reuse, we're able to decrease the number of devices being retired. This lessens the indirect energy use of our D2D processes by reducing the number of devices being manufactured and recycled, which in turn reduces further energy use (and emissions) caused by the additional logistics involved.

Novatech's Solar Panel Array pictured by drone from above

What's more, with our new 825-panel solar array, the 400kWs provided by these panels is enough for us to power our entire Logistics Centre with clean, renewable electricity, further reducing our reliance on purchased energy.

Zero Emissions Delivery and Collection

Our delivery and collection partner are just as passionate about becoming Net Zero too. Not only have DPD committed to building "the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK," but they're also working on creating a network of all-electric micro-depots so that their vehicles are located closer to customers. Besides reducing the total distance travelled by their couriers, this also means they will be able to reduce the total number of vehicles on the road, whilst maximising both energy and operational efficiency.

In addition to this, since October 2020, all 28 gigawatts of power that they use annually have been contracted to come from fully renewable sources.

DPD Zero Emissions all electric van, with driver delivering parcel

As well as striving to use cleaner energy, DPD are innovating in other areas too. Thanks to their one-hour delivery slot notifications, of which they send out a quarter of a billion every year, they've been able to ensure that 99.8% of all deliveries arrive on time, first time. This prevents an additional 4.5 million unnecessary journeys every year, significantly reducing both their CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Reuse First, Recycling Second - Helping to Create a Circular Economy

E-waste is a rapidly growing problem across the globe, with the UK accounting for 1.6 million tonnes in 2019, placing it second in the world when it comes to e-waste per capita. That might not sound too bad, especially compared to the global total of 53.6 million tonnes, but when you realise it equates to one quarter of global monthly e-waste, it's suddenly quite apparent just how unsustainable it really is. As a frame of reference, here's what one month of global e-waste actually looks like:

Graphic visualising UK annual e-waste contribution compared to London's Gherkin tower

Not only is this waste completely unnecessary in most cases, but the estimated worth of the disposed material, which includes many finite precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, equates to over £370 million in the UK alone.

The good news though is that much of this e-waste is easily avoidable with more sustainable practices in place. Direct 2 Desk helps significantly in this regard thanks to our commitment to creating a completely circular and sustainable asset lifecycle.

As mentioned previously, we do more than just responsibly dispose of old equipment. At the heart of D2D is the core belief that "Recycling is great, but reuse is even better." We ensure that any device collected by us undergoes a thorough assessment to determine the device's useability. Wherever possible, the equipment will be reset and refreshed, to be either immediately redeployed, or else stored in our Logistics Centre ready for reuse at a later date.

Novatech employees assessing Direct 2 Desk devices, ready for reuse or recycling

Alternatively, devices that no longer meet your specifications can be professionally refurbished, with all sensitive data securely wiped and destroyed. The equipment can then be resold, or donated to an organisation of your choice. Not only does this minimise contributions to e-waste but, ultimately, it maximises residual value for you.

Eventually though, there will come a time when it is necessary for a device to be retired. And when that time comes, we're sure to recycle devices in the most responsible way we can. With up to 75% of all materials used in electronic goods being recyclable, we ensure that all of the devices we decommission are disposed of in compliance with all WEEE scheme regulations and requirements, providing you with full audit reporting for total transparency. 

That means more precious metals salvaged, less emissions, and almost no waste whatsoever in landfill.

Direct 2 Desk. Helping you achieve your Net Zero goals

Direct 2 Desk isn't just about delivering a comprehensive, fully automated service. Nor is it exclusively about delivering painless remote asset lifecycle management. At its core, it's really about creating a service that delivers on all fronts, sustainably and transparently. With its focus on reuse and maximising residual value, plus policies, partners and investments that really make a difference, Direct 2 Desk can and will help your business make a truly positive impact on the world around us.

To learn more, visit our site, or fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.

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