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Direct 2 Desk - Our Zero Touch ITAM Service for Enterprise Organisations

Is your IT Team struggling to manage the changed IT landscape that Covid has created?  

Are they spending increasing amounts of time getting hardware and equipment to new starters on time, configured correctly, ready for their first day?

What first impression does your new employee get when they don't get fully functional, correctly configured equipment delivered to their home for their first day? Can you calculate the cost of that?

How much nearly new, reusable IT equipment does your organisation have still at the homes of people who have already left? And how much less kit would you have to procure if it had all come back, all been refurbished, and sent to new employees?

Home Working is here to stay, and the demand on IT departments is higher than ever before

One of the most exciting and challenging areas we're working on right now is ITAM (IT Asset Management) for the home working starter/mover/leaver processes for large organisations. But what is IT Asset Management?

In the post-Covid era, most large organisations are openly accepting that home and remote working is here to stay. There's lots of evidence that this is putting increasing strain on already overworked IT departments. They are just not set up to deal with the challenges. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine HR receiving a job acceptance from a new starter. They enter their details once on their system and from there, no one in your organisation has to do anything else. Zero touch.

All the action occurs through a comprehensive set of APIs. The requests are sent automatically. The correct pre-configured kit is selected which is held in stock specially for you. All asset tagged, all serial number tracked. All the data assigned to the new starter and all the information passed back through the API to your records. Zero touch.

The new starter gets a text from a delivery partner saying what time on which day their pre-configured kit will be delivered. Their first interaction with the IT team or New Starter Team is on their first day, sitting in front of their device, ready to go.

If they leave, it's the same process. HR enters a leaving date on their internal system and a collection time is sent to the leaver. It gets collected, then either refurbished for reuse by other new starters, distributed to a charity of your choice, or recycled responsibly if it's reached the end of its usable life. All zero touch.

This isn't just an idea, this our Direct 2 Desk ITAM service, and it's already working in practice for some of our largest customers, one of which has over 10,000 employees; our API and portals are comprehensive, easy to use, and well documented.

When we say zero touch, we mean zero touch.

Novatech Direct 2 Desk IT Asset Management (ITAM) Services

Sound like the answer you've been searching for?

Make ITAM as easy as 1, 2, 3, with Novatech's Direct 2 Desk

Go Zero Touch

If you want your IT Asset Management processes to be zero touch too, then we'd be very happy to have a conversation. Contact us today, or fill out the form below to start making your IT Admins' lives that much easier.

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Published on 27 Oct 2021

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