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Ducky Keyboard Unboxing Videos

The amazing, popular Ducky Mechanical Keyboards come in a range of different sizes, colours, and themes, and it can be hard to keep on top of how many there are at some times. We've talked about them many times before; we dove a bit more into their technical specs recently here in our Techshot: Ducky Keyboards post.

Recently, we've been producing some overview / unboxing videos on our stock when they land with us, to show them off in their full glory for you all to see.

You can see the fruits of our labour below.

Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard

Our first video below shows you the OG Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboards in Black and in White.

Ducky MIYA Panda Pro Edition Keyboard

Ducky MIYA Panda Pro Keyboard

This next video looks at the MIYA Panda Pro Limited Edition and the Mecha Mini versions. The Panda Pro edition is a great one for, yeah you guessed it, Panda and animal loves with its unique style, and the Mecha Mini version is similar to the Mini RGB version, however this time featuring a lush aluminium casing.

Ducky Sakura Keyboard

Ducky Sakura Keyboard

Our final video (for now) shows you the Sakura edition; a lovely Pink version with a different style which stands out a lot more compared to the normal black or white versions.

There are plenty of other versions of Ducky Keyboards that we haven't got around to reviewing yet, including the recent Limited Year of the Pig version. There's the One2 SF edition which is a 65% keyboard instead of the standard 60% size, the Shine 7 which is a full sized keyboard, and lots, lots more. Check the site to see our full range of Ducky Keyboards, and find the one which is perfect for you!

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Published on 18 May 2020

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