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Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard

Ducky are one of the top brands for Gaming Mechanical Keyboards in the industry, combining sleek aesthetics with a sturdy build quality that will serve your fingertips for years if well looked after. Let's take a look at one of Ducky's latest offerings, the Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard.

We've got plenty more blog posts about these popuplar Ducky Keyboards, including one a Techshot: Ducky Keyboards blog and also a post collating all of our overview videos here.

Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard

Ducky One2 Mini Review

The Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboards currently comes in a variety of switches, using their Brown, Blue, Red, Black, SIlver or a Silent switch for the people who want the quieter typing experience. As you can see above, it's a much smaller keyboard, but that is to be expected when it has the word Mini in the product title.

The keyboard is labelled as a 60% keyboard which if you're more of an oversized human being similar to me with larger hands, this might initially look like it could cause you issues to get used to and you might think you're paying the same price or even more for a much smaller keyboard, where's the value? But you know with a Ducky keyboard you're getting such a well built and high quality piece of kit, this should not be a worry for you at all.

Then you've got the RGB factor of these keyboards, RGB is everywhere right now, if you've maxed out the fans on your PC you're then moving on to what else is on your desk and getting as much colour into your peripherals next like your keyboard, mouse and so on.

Ducky One2 Mini Review

Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard Price

The price of these keyboards are currently set around £110, which places them in the higher end bracket for keyboards however it sits competively alongside similar ones from other places like Cooler Master, Asus, Corsair, Thermaltake and Steelseries so the price ius nothing unusual and should absolutely not be something to put you off, if anything for a well made keyboard with so many features this is actually a great price.

Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard Review

Below is a thorough review on the Duck One 2 Mini RGB Keyboard by Brandon Taylor, who claims it as the best mechanical keyboard of the year in the title of the video.

In this video, Brandon runs through all the functions of the Ducky keyboards and his preferences when using it, such as the angle of the keyboard and his Switch preference, the Cherry MX Red Switch and provides a sound test of when using it which is a good visual/audio reference for people when choosing which type of switch they want.

He also talks about the issue I briefly touched upon earlier in this piece, the size issue of the keyboard as it is a 60% keyboard so much smaller than a standard keyboard which could cause some people issues, as naturally your brain, hands and fingers get used to keys being in certain locations and distances from each other, moving to a smaller keyboard will probably cause you some initial issues going from certain keys to others across the keyboard but eventually you should get used to it.

Here's another review video Brett Moore which also has a few other bits such as an initial unboxing and then also focuses on running you hrough some initial first time setup bits and look at all of the different modes to get your keyboard to sync up to the rest of your kit or if it's your first RGB peripheral, all of the different types of modes you can have such as Wave, Rainbow and so forth. All of this comes in the manual you get with the keyboard but it is nice to see all of the different modes visually so you know what you can do with it before you get it..

A final review from BadSeed Tech below gives you a lot more info about the individual specs of the keyboard, early on pointing out how the photos don't do the keyboard justice and it's a much nicer looking bit of kit when you finally get your hands on it.

A key point from this is around 1:31 when he points out how heavy the kit is, I've spoken to lots of engineers / network engineers in my time who always believe that you can tell how good a quality a bit of kit is really quickly after picking it up and getting a feel of it. When it comes to keyboards, often a heavier and sturdier bit of kit will mean it's a much better build quality and thus will last you longer.

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