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Best games from E3 2018 PC Gaming Show: Recap

The PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 is like Christmas for PC gamers; jam-packed with 110 minutes of glorious PC game announcements and insightful developer conversations that made PC gamers across the globe drool. Didn’t get a chance to catch it? Not to worry! Here’s a recap on the most exciting releases shown at this year’s show.

This was the show to watch if you love PC gaming.


Maverick: Proving Ground

Release Date: December 2018

I know what you're thinking, 'not ANOTHER battle royale game!' While it seems like everyone from Mitch down the street to your uncle Dave is jumping on the apparent bandwagon to make a last-man-standing style game, Maverick: Proving Grounds has a twist: up to 1,000 players can play on a single map simultaneously at any given time.

Wow. Now that's taking the genre to new heights. Your move, Fortnite.


Star Control: Origins

Release Date: September 20th, 2018

Star Control: Origins is a prequel game to the highly immersive Starflight games. Filled with thousands of planets in a universe that is fully consistent, the game simulates what’s going on throughout the universe in real time compared to procedural generation based on when you come to a planet. In addition, you can land on each planet.

They saved the coolest part of the game for the end of their slot at the conference. Star Control: Origins is fully moddable, allowing people to create their own ships, planets, and galaxies. 

Star Control: Origins also has a multiplayer component called Fleet Battles. These fleet battles are spaceship battles, allowing people to go after their friend’s and make use of both local and online multiplayer.


Archangel: Hellfire

Release Date: July 17th, 2018

A VR mech fighting game? Sold. Obviously, the crowd went wild for this one. With three destructible maps, team deathmatch, 13 weapons, 6 mechs, and various abilities, are you ready to suit up? Watch the trailer for Archangel: Hellfire now. 


Night Call

Release Date: TBC

Aside from the luscious art style, the trailer for Night Call has peaked our attention for its anxious atmosphere and an intriguingly stylised world. A dialogue-heavy game following a taxi driver as our protagonist, Night Call is about finding a serial killer that is brutally murdering your passengers. 


Hitman 2

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Announced last week, Hitman 2 saw its full debut at the PC Gaming show that treated us to our favorite Agent's mission in Miami. For fans of the franchise, prepare yourself for plenty of assassinations that stretch your creativity and bizarre disguises. 


Just Cause 4

Release Date: December 4th, 2018

While we have already seen a lot of this high-octane sequel, developers' Avalanche wanted to give us what we really wanted: a trailer that shows off the dynamic new Aphex engine.

With the beefed up engine, Just Cause 4 looks to display extreme weather that can go as far as developing into a full tornado - meaning that you will have to face off against a natural twister with the same destructive physics that a tornado would have in the real world. 


Genesis Alpha One

Release Date: September 4th, 2018

Get ready for a genre hybrid; Genesis Alpha One is a mix of rogue shooter, base building, and a tasteful pinch of survival. Add in a bit of genetic splicing and you have a terrifying, intriguing game. One's thing for sure, this game will be stressful. 


Man Eater

Release Date: TBC

Reminiscent of the film-to-game adaption Jaws: Unleashed from the faraway past of 2006, Man Eater has a simple system: you play as a shark. As a shark, you swim around. Oh, and (spoilers) you eat people.

As you swim and eat in a full single-player campaign (whose narrative I am very questionable of), you gain skill points that upgrade you with sharper teeth and terrifying jumping abilities. As someone that has been scared of Jaws since the first time he heard John William's ominous score, this is one that I personally will have a sick revel in playing. 


The Sinking City

Release Date: TBC

This game just looks straight up creepy. With a trailer that has left me afraid to ever walk through an unknown door again, this Lovecraftian mystery game will see you investigate an in-depth story, a decisions system that will affect the game, and a self-defense combat system that will definitely become useful.

The Sinking City' trailer speaks for itself. Drink, anyone? 


Morning Star

Release Date: 2019

One of the more enigmatic games from this years PC Gaming conference, Morning Star is a new type of farming game that is 1st person and revolves around planting crops using your computer. While much isn't known about Morning Star, the trailer has already got us interested. More should come as the release date dawns next year.


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What games are you most looking forward to from E3 2018? Comment below.  

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