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Elite Sentinel Gaming PC review by ETeknix

Update: The Elite Sentinel PC has been improved and is now the Elite Void Gaming PC here.

Our pre-built gaming PC, the Elite Sentinel, has recently been given the Editors Choice Award by ETeknix reviewer Mike Sander.

The Eltite Sentinel gaming PC is part of the Elite Gaming PC range, which are all packed with the features and power that every gamer needs to play practically any modern gaming release with no problems. These PCs are all housed in premium cases and powered by the latest gaming-grade CPUs and GPUs. The Elite Sentinel is just one of the 9 PCs within this range. 

Pre-built gaming PCs are like the Elite Sentinel are becoming increasingly popular over recent years due to their value for money, capabilities and warranties, these are just some of the benefits of purchasing a pre-built gaming PC.

Elite Sentinel


Within the ETeknix review Mike Sander commented on the Elite Sentinels value for money going on to say “The bottom line is that this system does appear to be available to buy, premade, for less than the individual components would cost you. When you consider that Novatech throws in a 3-year warranty, lifetime support, and their expert know-how into this system, the Novatech Elite Sentinel represents some amazing value…”

“...Seemingly retailing for a price below the sum of its parts and packing a 3-year warranty, if you were looking for a strong gaming PC on a relatively solid but still reasonable high-end gaming PC budget, then the Novatech Elite Sentinel will provide you with some excellent gaming performance with build quality with style beyond question”

The Elite Sentinel is fitted with a 9th Generation Intel Core i5 9600K 3.7GHz Core Processor and Nvidia 2070 Super Graphic Card, all housed in an Antec DP501 DP501 Windowed ATX RGB Case. 

Specifications and features

The new unlocked 9th Generation Intel Core i5 processor is designed for the world's best games, with maximum Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 processor frequency for accelerated gaming performance when you need it most, along with 6 cores and 6 threads. Featuring the latest advanced Intel technology to boost your gameplay and simultaneously run even the most demanding of workloads.
"The system as a whole looks fantastic. It's both sleek and professional with more than a little RGB flash that adds rather than detracts. It's genuinely hard to think of a situation where this PC would not look good. Be it in an office or gaming palace.

Novatech quality

The build quality from Novatech is undeniably great, and this is highlighted not only in the benchmarking results but also in the aesthetics and basic good PC building practice of cable management and system design."

Our Elite Sentinel is built by experts with a three year warranty and lifetime support for your PC. Here at Novatech we engineer and build systems that last, every gaming PC we build is extensively tested and trialled to meet the needs of our gaming customers. 

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To read the full ETeknix review here

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