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Giving Large Telephony Teams the Technology to work remotely

Since lockdown began in mid-March, businesses across the UK have seen a shift in their technological needs as a result of the need for employees to work remotely. One such large business turned to Novatech when they realised that they needed new solutions: solutions that existing suppliers were unable to provide. The Business Change team needed to get 1,000 machines set up for home working - and fast.

The challenge

When lockdown was looking to become a very real possibility, at the start of March 2020, the role played by the Business Change team at one large business saw a massive shift. Normally responsible for looking into internal business processes, they needed to establish how to enable working from home: much faster than they had planned, and for individuals who are not normally set up to do so. 

While remote working was already possible for some, for others, it was more of a challenge. The team’s task was to find a way of making it possible for telephony teams to speak with customers from home, sourcing, implementing and setting up the IT solutions needed for them to do so. 

The requirement was for a specific software image for a new product to be installed on 1,000 new machines initially - a significant task in a short space of time - the business’s existing supplier was finding this to be a challenge. Until then, said business had sourced their machines from an existing supplier, but that supplier couldn't image them in the timeframe required. 

They reached out to Novatech for the first time in March. And we knew we could help.

novatech enhanced fulfilment

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The solution

This large business needed to reimage 1,000 machines for a particular software product. Our first step was to test the imaging process and confirm with them that it all worked as required. We then reimaged all 1,000 machines within four days, and delivered them to their site to be redistributed.

Novatech enhand fulfilment- systems in production

Novatech enhanced fulfilment- Systems being prepared for remote users

The results

All this enabled the team to move quickly to home working. “There were a number of technical challenges”, recalls the Business Change Lead. “It’s not been easy, but the turnaround from Novatech has been quick. I can’t think of a time when I’ve put the phone down or answered an email unhappy”. 

Paul and his team have since commissioned us to reimage existing machines that were being repurposed, and to add imaging to additional new machines. And this has all been down to the relationship that we have built with the team. “I like to think Mark at Novatech and myself have a fairly good relationship. Mark understands the urgency of our requirements - even when I say it’s not urgent and then email him 20 minutes later saying actually, it is now!

Novatech enhand fulfilment- systems in production

Novatech enhanced fulfilment- 1000 PCs, configured and ready for deployment

The verdict...

“The way in which Mark’s reacted to our demands has been pretty impressive. Short of getting a same-day delivery(!), I can’t think of anything where our needs and requirements haven’t been met”. 

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