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Mediatonic Make a Meteoric Landing on the Steam Store Front with their New Hit Game, Fall Guys!

It isn't often we get to live out our childhood dreams, but Mediatonic have given everyone the opportunity to do just that.


Fall Guys

Take a glorious combination of It's a Knock Out, Takeshi's Castle, Total Wipe Out, Ninja Warrior and Gladiators, then throw in 60 players from all over the globe, and stir them into the colourful aesthetic of Candy Crush - now you have a delightful, fun-filled pot of chaos and cute cuddling jellybeans, culminating in the latest and greatest in... battle royales? I guess? Anyways, it's called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and let me tell you, it will knock you out, many, many times...

A fantastically huge and frantic multiplayer experience, Fall Guys pits you - a little jellybean person with insatiable fashion sense - against 59 other contestants, as you run wild and grab desperately through a series of weird, whacky and outright ridiculous obstacle courses that'll have you roaring in no time... for better or worse!

Fall Guys

From rolling platforms with more holes than swiss cheese, false doors and falling floors, and a legally and conceptually distinct Happy-Hippos-esque level known as Scrambled Eggs (come on guys - should've been Cheerful Chickens, surely?), to huge pink spinning hammers of certain jellybean doom, there's no end to the challenges this game will throw at you.

Perfect with friends or solo, there's really no excuse not to give it a whirl. Because when you finally manage to make it as far as the top of Fall Mountain, when you finally defeat your fellow contestants and get your stubby little jelly hands on that big old glowing golden crown first... ooooooh boy you better believe that victory has N E V E R tasted so sweet!

It's brilliant, funny, infuriating, exhilarating and an incredibly simple but satisfying concept - one that'll keep you engaged for hours on end as you fight for victory in this manic, physics-based crab bucket of a game.

And if the game itself wasn’t already enough to swing you, then I’ll tell you what will - the man, the myth, the legend; Oliver… he’s the Fall Guys Senior Community Manager and he’s basically the king of social media managers now. But don’t take my word for it though, check him out on their Twitter @FallGuysGame.

It's on Steam right now (Cyberpunk 2077 eat your heart out) so go grab a copy quick, it'll be the most fun you've had since lockdown started, and perhaps, dare I say it, ever...?

We won't lie, but all of us here at Novatech are eagerly awaiting some keys so we can get a company-wide game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on the go! Hit us up Mediatonic, we'd love to hear from you ;)

Go get yourself a copy, jump on the band-wagon and join in all the fun in the most colourful knockout experience you ever did see!

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Published on 12 Aug 2020

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