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Gaming Chairs - Why Your Derriere Deserves The Best

If you’re a PC gamer, do your back and butt a favour by buying a gaming chair.

For many years, I’ve trusted Ikea to deliver self-assembly, flat-pack furniture which suited my needs, and more importantly, my budget. And I must admit, I’ve generally been content with this arrangement - I’ve even treated myself to a few Swedish meatballs after trawling through one of their many warehouses. However, all of this goodwill could quickly turn sour whenever a bloody screw was missing, of course.

But I’ve realised I may have been doing myself a disservice - or at least a disservice to my buttocks, lower back, and overall spinal area. It’s only been highlighted in the last few months or so when I injured my back after a rigorous gym session. It’s also coincided with a renewed enthusiasm for PC gaming.

What I’m trying to say is this: I need to buy a new comfortable chair for the office, one that cradles my rear, is kind on the elbows and supports my back with sumptuous ease. If I’m going to be sat at my desk for hours at a time, then you better believe that I want to be as comfortable as humanly possible.

And that’s why I’ve decided to buy a gaming chair.

Take A Seat

Gaming chairs, or anything that has the word “gaming” slapped onto it, tend to have a bad reputation. And that’s because when most of us think about gaming chairs, we picture those X Rocker contraptions that have speakers built into the headrest. These chairs may be suitable for a small child, especially if you want to be low to the ground, but I’m a grown man damn it. I want a chair that, at the very least, has height adjust, tilt, and padding for my ageing bones. If it looks good, too, well that’s a bonus.

So that’s what the low-end of the gaming chair spectrum can offer, and for some that’s more than enough. But what about the midrange to high-end chairs? Are we looking at more compromises and gimmicks, or paradise for your backside?

While the choice of colours and trim might not suit every potential buyer, although there are more discreet options available, you can be sure that high-end gaming chairs are designed with comfort in mind. Whether it’s the breathable faux leather that so many choose, which is easy to clean, prevents sweating in the nether regions and provides a premium look and feel, the majority of gaming chairs are a durable, worthwhile investment.

Gaming Throne

I’ve parked my considerable frame on a few gaming chairs in my time, and there’s something undeniably comfortable about the racing seat style which they - and so many Premier League football dugouts - employ. And if it’s good enough for the pro gamers and pampered footballers of this world, then it’s sure as hell good enough for me.

Make no mistake, either - gaming chairs are very pleasing on the eye. If you’re a wannabe Twitch streamer or budding YouTube star, you’d be hard pressed to find a more appropriate throne from which to begin your online reign.

If you’re looking for comfort, style and durability, just like me, then why not consider a gaming chair as your next purchase? You’ll also save yourself a trip to Ikea, though the meatballs will be sorely missed, admittedly.

Check out Novatech’s range of gaming chairs.

Adam Vjestica is a Guest Writer and is the Editor-in-Chief at Sumonix

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Published on 09 Nov 2016

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