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A way to get Sharpie pen off of a Monitor screen?

So after putting my kids to bed last night, I fired up my PC and was met with a load of pink scribbles all over the screen as you can see below (apologies for screen blur, trying to take photos in a rush using your phone doesn't always lead to the best quality...)

So I immediately got my microfibre cloth and screen cleaner and tried to see how lucky I was but it did absolutely nothing (as expected) so my next stop was to have a look on Google for other tips. Of course there was lots of hits, with lots of sites reccomending different ideas but a lot of them included mixing your own solutions using distilled water, alcohol together. I was in the market for something hopefully a bit easier as a first chance. 

I finally found an interesting one, spray sun cream? Like what? Anyway I went straight to my stash of sun cream for my kids and grabbed the spray one.

Now I must stress this with great importance, never spray anything directly on to your Monitor screen and also make sure you use a mico fibre cloth when doing it, anything else can potentially seriously damage your screen.

So I sprayed a tiny bit on my cloth and rubbed one of the corners of the pen and yep, it rubbed off. I didn't actually need to spray much on to the cloth to get all of the pen off the screen.

Again if you're thinking of trying this, do a tiny bit first to make sure it works but this could be a great way to get any pen off of your Monitor screen.

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Published on 12 Jul 2018

Last updated on 12 Jul 2018

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