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Gigabyte Launch £30 Steam Voucher Promotion

Everywhere you look now, we have a variety of offers with a host of different Motherboards accross our site, Gigabyte have recenly lauched something a bit different though this week.

Breaking away from the norm of the standard cashback offer you have probably seen before, if you buy the Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming Intel X99 Motherboard you get £30 worth of Steam Vouchers with your board, so you're essentially getting a cool £30 to enable you to boost your Steam collection. 

Conveniently, isn't that loveable Steam Summer Sale right around the corner?

For more details on how you can redeem your Steam credit once you've purchased your Motherboard visit Gigabyte here > //g1.gigabyte.eu/uk-steampromo-ug.aspx - You'll need to upload a few bits of personal details and your order details to get your hands on it.






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Published on 22 Jun 2016

Last updated on 22 Jun 2016

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