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How to create the ultimate video game streaming setup

Whether as a viewer or as a content creator, video game streaming is more popular now than ever before. No matter if you are just starting out as a video game streamer or are wanting to develop and take your channel to a whole new level, we can help.

From advising you on the best streaming setups, to what hardware would improve the quality of your content, discover the world of live streaming video games with our top guide.

What is video streaming and how does it work?

Popular technology trend, streaming is now big business, the increase in popularity can be seen through the success of sites such as YouTube and Twitch, which have been on the rise since the mid-2010s. 

Video streaming can either be conducted as a part-time hobby or by some professional streamers as a full-time career.

The dream to become a professional streamer is the goal for many avid gamers and there can be big money to be made whether in the form of sponsors, subscriptions and/or donations from fans.

Video streaming involves using software such as OBS, Vmix, XSplit or even Nvidia Shadow Play to record your gameplay action and then stream the video live onto the platform of your choice. There are many free software tools to get you started or higher end professional set-ups that come at a cost allowing you, the gamer, to share your skills and emotions in real time with other likeminded gamers on the web.

You can now stream from many different platforms, including but not limited to, your Gaming PC , Playstation 4, Xbox One or even Android and iOS devices.

Entry-Level Streamer Set

When beginning your journey into video game streaming, instead of going out and purchasing the most expensive equipment, stick to a budget and purchase a hardware that promises quality results.

Basic tools that should be considered when purchasing a starter streamer set-up are a quality entry level webcam with built in microphone such as Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 and good lighting, ensuring you can create a well-lit, good looking and sounding video that people will want to watch.

Mid-Level Streamer Set

For those who are more experienced with video streaming consider a more mid-level streamer set-up.

The key essentials are a higher resolution camera, a better microphone and a more professional lighting set up.

When looking for a medium quality webcam, look no further than Logitech collection, who have a large selection of affordable and quality webcams, like Logitech C930e WebCam that can attach onto the top of your PC or workstation.

A higher quality standalone microphone such as AverMedia AM133 Live Streamer Mic 133 Microphone will also greatly improve your audio quality.

As for lighting, a favourite used by streamers is the Elgato Key Light Pro Game Streaming LED Panel Studio Light. This studio light can be positioned behind the computer and can be adjusted with the use of the stream deck for effortless adjusting of the light, using more professional light/s can provide a brighter more evenly lit image. Taking your streaming to the next level.

Video Game streaming set up

Top Level Streamer Set

Or perhaps you are a mid-level streamer looking to take that next step, expand your audience and create a household name for yourself? For those making the daunting leap, when it comes to looking around for the equipment of choice, then superior is king for creating an exciting and dynamic streaming video that everyone will enjoy. 

When looking for a super sharp, high definition webcam, look for a webcam such as the Microsoft LifeCam Studio or the Logitech Brio with an included HD and auto focus lens for maximum viewing pleasure.

A high end standalone microphone with anti-vibration stand and a pop screen will further improve you audio quality as well help eliminate unwanted hiss and background noises.

It would also be wise for those wanting to create a career out of video game streaming to consider purchasing a Elgato Stream Deck . A stream deck allows you to monitor and adjust, not just multiple lights, but also the microphone, while multitasking different projects for maximum creativity. 

Video Game Streaming Setup

Where should I live stream from?

When it comes to live streaming your video gaming the location of where you choose to film is equally as important as the tools that you choose to record with.

Some gamers will choose to film up against a white backdrop, however it is recommended for those wanting to appear professional, that they consider purchasing a green screen.

Using a green screen will allow you to edit the backdrop, finding a backdrop that is not only professional, but also fits into your own individual style.

What else do you need for streaming gaming videos?

Along with acquiring the right tools, and an appropriate location to film, there are other things that you will need to consider before you are able to stream to the masses and that is, where your streaming destination will be.

When it comes to choosing your streaming destination, it is recommended that you conduct a bit of research and discover which channel is best for your topic and style of gaming.

Twitch, YouTube and Facebook all being free are great places to start.

Other top location of those starting out are, Vimeo Livestream, StreamShark, as well as, DaCast, however all of which are paid for.

The speed and stability of your internet is another important consideration that will often go overlooked. A requirement when live streaming. For a reliable connection that will not let you down, consider using an Ethernet cable rather that wireless internet connection. This promises less buffering and a smooth stream, essential in keeping your viewers engaged throughout your performance. It is also recommended that you test the speed of your internet connection before going live, this is because it is recommended that a minimum of 1.5 bitrate can handle any potential network fluctuations.

There you have it, all the key requirements needed for creating an exciting, dynamic streaming setup, best suited to streaming your gaming adventures. Whether you are sharing your top tips for conquering a battle or sharing your excitement about the latest released game, you too can become a video streamer.

The one other important factor in becoming an online hit is, no matter how fantastic your equipment is, your topic or game of choice, the way you act and perform for the camera is also vital. A skill that cannot be bought!

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