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How to set up obs

A quick Setup guide on how to setup OBS on your Gaming PC

This guide is designed to get OBS installed and streaming with as simple a hassle as possible. There are extra settings you can tweak and change should you know what you are doing, however, this basic guide will get you up and running with OBS on your Gaming PC without needing to know the other technical things. 

STEP ONE – Install OBS

The first thing we need to do is download and install OBS, you will need to head to the following webpage: https://obsproject.com/

OBS Studio - How to setup obs

Click the “Windows” Download, wait for the program to download and open it. This will present you with the following: 

Welcome to OBS - how to set up obs

Simply click next and follow the installation until the end. 

STEP TWO: Setting up OBS

Once OBS is installed, you can open OBS and setup the program for the first time. When you open it to begin with, you will be presented with the following:

OBS Studio - How to setup obs

Click “Yes” to the Auto configuration Wizard. This Wizard will guide you through how to connect your Twitch account to OBS, it will select the best streaming setting for you, as well as the best servers on Twitch to stream through. 

The next step will allow you to select Streaming for your optimization

And then allow you to pick your Canvas size: LEAVE THESE TO THE DEFAULT and hit Next.

Next, you will be offered to connect you twitch account, select Twitch from the drop down list and then “Link  Account”. This will open a new page for you to log into your Twitch account:

Once done, you can select Next and move to the next stage of a bandwidth test. Let the system run this test and you will be presented with a similar page below at the end:

All you need to do is hit “Apply Settings”.

STEP 3: Adding Sources to OBS

You can add Sources to OBS by heading to the bottom left and inside of the “Sources” window, you can click the “+” icon at the bottom. First we need to add the Game you want to stream. So select “Game Capture” from the list:

Afterward you will be presented with what type of window you want to capture:

Set the top option to “Capture Specific Window”

Then in the second option you can pick which Window you want to stream, here you can see I have “Overwatch” as my option. If you had Fortnite option, or a different game, it will be listed here.

Once done, it will add it to your Scene. You may find it doesn’t match the size of the screen completely. If so, RIGHT CLICK the preview, and then head to “Transform” and then LEFT CLICK “Fit to Screen”

You can add a Video source in the exact same way, but instead of selecting “Game Capture” you can select “Video Capture” (this is also the type of capture you would need if you were using a Capture card to stream PS4/Xbox Gameplay from your PC)

This window will allow you to select what Device you would like to capture. Here you can see it’s found the camera on my HTC Vive VR headset. But if you were streaming from your PS4 to the PC, it will also be in the “Device List” – you can leave everything else default.

Once both of those devices are added, you can move them around in the Preview menu to be exactly the layout you’d like:

Finally, you’re ready to go Live! All you need to do is press the “Start Streaming” option in the bottom right, and it will stream straight to Twitch!

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Published on 27 Oct 2020

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