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4 IT problems that stop scale-ups from scaling up

Every scale-up has the same goal: to hit their ambitious growth targets. But rapid growth creates all kinds of challenges, especially for IT teams, which are now an integral part of just about every aspect of the business.

As companies scale, the IT team gets stretched. A company of thousands often relies on an IT team of just ten or fifteen people. The IT team should be focused on solving real problems and unlocking future growth. Unfortunately, it's often routine tasks that take up most of their time.

Prepping devices for new starters, dealing with faulty equipment and arranging deliveries takes them away from doing the high-value work that will help the company grow. Here are four IT challenges that stop remote or hybrid scale-ups from scaling up, and how to handle them.

Prepping devices for new employees

Onboarding is always a priority for growing companies. Remote and hybrid working has only made it more complex.

New starters need their devices shipped to their home and ready to use on day one. This may sound straightforward enough, but it's no mean feat. All the imaging and software installations have to be done in advance and done right. The hardware specifications also need to be correct. And because everything is shipped to the new starter's address, there are no second chances.

If something's not there or not set up right, the employee will have to put it back in the post and wait for a new one before they can restart the onboarding process. This process can take weeks, severely impacting the onboarding experience and leaving the business paying for staff who cannot work.

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Refreshing or disposing of old devices

A business with 10,000 employees can have hundreds of leavers each week. Processing these leavers' equipment creates a mountain of work for IT.

First you need to decide whether you're going to reuse a device or dispose of it. If you're reusing a device, it needs to be wiped and reconfigured before it can be supplied to its next user. If the device is going to be disposed of, hard drives need to be properly wiped to make sure that company and customer data is secure and compliant.

Once again, remote or hybrid work has made this more complex. Staff and IT teams need to work together to arrange the collection and delivery of devices before processing them. This in itself can create a lot of admin.

Replacing Faulty Devices

Equipment failure is a fact of life for any business. Technology can be unruly and even the world's best-run companies have to deal with laptops that won't do what they're told. But for remote companies, the problem is even more tedious.

Handling the collection and delivery of faulty devices creates a lot of admin, not to mention the technical work of doing the repairs. And of course, when the work is done, the device needs to be put back in the post. It almost makes you miss the days of 'popping over to IT', doesn't it?

The IT Asset Management Cycle

Skill gaps

According to a recent report by Pluralsight, remote work is making the IT skills gap worse. While employers are investing in training and tools, almost half of employees don't use them.

Unfortunately, it's the IT team that often picks up the slack. As employees struggle to keep up with the pace of change and the demands of a growing business, IT has to field more questions from staff and conduct more training sessions.

How can scale-ups tackle these IT challenges?

Scale-up IT teams should drive growth, not hold it back. If you don't have the right processes in place, then prepping devices, refreshing them and disposing of them will create an insurmountable backlog of work that prevents your IT team from driving growth.

We recently helped Monzo overcome these three challenges. They needed an IT supplier that could help them keep up with their rapid growth. They chose us to take on their IT asset management and handle the entire IT equipment lifecycle for their UK staff, including all shipping and logistics.

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