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Learning Links is a Portsmouth-based charity whose mission is to empower individuals and communities to raise their aspirations and realise potential through learning.


Like many organisations, Learning Links' IT infrastructure and telecom systems had been acquired piecemeal over time, as they grew, and now it was ageing and had become a liability rather than an asset. As is often the case, they were paying too much, to different suppliers, for their telecoms, broadband and IT support and a growing number of minor issues were being compounded to reduce the charity's efficiency and hamper their service delivery.

'I just want my IT to work!' - Learning Links' frustration is one that so many organisations will recognise and sympathise with; 'why can't someone just make everything work properly and take care of problems without fuss and excessive cost?'


Novatech conducted a wide-ranging audit of Learning Links' systems and hardware and drafted a plan to replace equipment that was failing or inefficient, and to unify their telecoms, broadband and support suppliers. Novatech proposed a full Managed Service which, in simple terms, is the ideal response to, 'I just want my IT to work' - it is true worry-free computing in action.

Novatech installed eleven new PCs, a new virtualised server to handle multiple functions, and improved their Internet speed with new routers and connection to super-fast broadband. We also took time to explain the new systems to all the staff, and to train them on how the simple fault-reporting system worked.


Novatech's Managed Service proposition means that Learning Links pay one fixed monthly fee that covers everything from 24/7 support and equipment repair to a proactive monitoring system that spots problems before they impact the organisation's work. It not only includes the cost of their improved internet access and phone bills but also the long-term planning of how their IT equipment needs to grow and improve with Learning Links' own growth.

Using Novatech's managed Service has had a remarkably positive impact on the way that our organisation functions, both on a day0-to-day basis and in how we budget for IT management and upgrades. Knowing that everything is covered at a fixed rate with no hidden extras gives exceptional peace of mind. It is also very re-assuring to know that Novatech are remotely monitoring our IT and sort problems without us even knowing. Novatech's team guided us through the whole process and made it as painless and worry free as you could hope for. I would highly recommend Novatech's managed service to any similar organisation who would like to concentrate on their work and forget about IT worries.

Grant Kennedy - Learning Links

What is a managed service?

Novatech Managed Services give our customers complete IT & Telecoms peace of mind at a fixed monthly cost. The offering is simple; we combine our bespoke IT & Telecoms hardware solutions, with fixed cost IT support services.

Most IT support contracts work on the basis that 'if it breaks we'll fix it and charge you accordingly', but Novatech's managed service does the opposite - we'll make sure everything works all the time and if something does go wrong we'll put it right for free. The onus is on Novatech to ensure smooth and efficient operations, so it's in our interests to keep our customers happy.

I would highly recommend Novatech’s managed service to any similar organisation who would like to concentrate on their work and forget about IT worries.

Grant Kennedy - Learning Links

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Published on 14 Feb 2016

Last updated on 14 Feb 2016

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