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A Guide of How To Set Up Dual Monitors at Home or Work

We get a lot of different questions on the day to day, whether they're via Social Media, our Tech Support or our Inbound Sales teams, and often, it's easier to show someone how to fix a problem than trying to explain it verbally. If there's an issue on a system, our helpful staff can often connect virtually to a machine and show the fix step by step. But If it's a hardware/setup issue, that's obviously not an option. 

In the videos below, we try to answer a common question we get with another How To video: How to set up dual monitors. This video is really aimed at an office or home user looking to get a double screen system without a heavy load on your Graphics Card such as Gaming or Photo editing.

All you need is a quick few minutes to get your hands dirty inside the case, a cross head screwdriver and a low end graphics card such as one of the NVIDIA GeForce 710 Graphics Cards, which currently retail for under £50.

We've put together some fairly straight forward videos below on how to get a dual monitor setup going, first by looking at the install process for your new discrete graphics card, then by taking a look at what to do next, by setting up the monitors in Windows 10.

You can see our popular dual monitor stand with the desktop base here or our whole range of dual monitor stands here.

We hope you found this helpful and as always, if you have any additional questions, feel free to hit us up in the comments section down below.

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Published on 31 Mar 2020

Last updated on 31 Mar 2020


  • tim clarke - 06 Jan 2021

    two HDMI cables connected to a gt710 - how ??

  • Danny (Novatech) - 07 Jan 2021

    Hi Tim, it depends on the GT 710 in question - some models will only have a single HDMI port, but others such as the ASUS GT 710 Silent 2GB can actually offer as many as 4 HDMI ports. Thanks for the comment, and hope this helps clarify!

  • matt - 04 Mar 2021

    MSI GeForce GT 710 2GB Low Profile Video Card: I currently have HDMI connected and working, but the second monitor via DVI-D to Display port is not working. Only next option is to try a VGA cable instead of DVI-D, but I would really appreciate any assistance on this issue. Also keen to know if maybe the card only supports 1xDigital output and 1xAnalogue?

  • Danny (Novatech) - 17 Mar 2021

    Hi Matt, Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with the card. I'd recommend speaking to one of our technicians either via our live chat service (which you can find here https://www.novatech.co.uk/contact.html) or by giving us a call on 02392 322500 (option 3). They'll be able to help resolve the issue and advise on what you might need to do next to get everything up and running.


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