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Considering moving to PC gaming?

I’ve locked the office doors and sealed the blinds; I fear for my life from the explosive controversy that surrounds writing about this topic. But before both the ‘PC master race’ and console gamers publicly execute me, let me make one thing clear: I don’t believe that PC gaming is better than console gaming, rather that once you convert to gaming on a PC that you’ve developed to suit your gaming preferences, a console becomes more of a basic platform with its own niche advantages and disadvantages.  

This isn’t an article about which platform is better. If you are considering the transition from console-to-PC, or simply are curious about what the benefits may be to your gaming experience, then keep reading to find out!

Is PC gaming for you?

In the far away past of the 1990’s, being a PC gamer was more of a dedication rather than a simple gaming choice. You had the aggravation of dial-up internet, easily running out of hard drive space on your PC, and your system was constantly crashing under the weight of certain games. Being a console gamer was the sure-thing. But not anymore.

The power of your PC is up to you. With the choice to build or buy a computer, PC gamers are given exponential amounts of options for how they play and which hardware powers their games. Take note though, if you’re in the market for a new PC, the best gaming PC’s aren’t just good for gaming.

‘But Harry, the word gaming is in the title—’ Shut up; you could use a Ferrari as a skateboard if you were so inclined. With the right internals, a great gaming PC can be used for anything from video editing to working as a powerful entertainment system. While consoles may feature hundreds of apps, it simply can’t beat the quality and speed of a PC.  

It’s entirely up to you. And that’s the beauty of it: PC gives you a freedom of control.

What will this mean for my gaming?

In order to remain unbiased and not get virtually flayed by either community, I’m not going to sugar-coat the process of moving from console to PC gaming: PC will require your time and care. Whether it’s understanding certain bugs and patches or having to upgrade your system in order to match the requirements of a new game, you will have to understand the internals of your PC on a basic level if you wish to open up the full potential of PC gaming.

While this may sound like a lot of work compared to consoles, it also means that you will have far greater control of your machine and how you choose to game. Although it isn’t for everyone, PC gaming over console does open up unique avenues from an avid online community that can help with the majority of bugs and issues that you may encounter. Compared with consoles, you may have to ring up their support helpline, and, well, nobody wants to do that.

If you feel that you are comfortable with staying on your console and don’t want to brave the unknown of PC gaming, just remember that gaming on PC allows you to remain within your familiarity with the ability for controller compatibility. PC gaming simply takes what you are accustomed to and expands your opportunities as a gamer and the way that you experience your games. For those saying that the expense of PC is far more substantial than a console, this is only correct depending on how many games you get and how well you research into the components that you are buying for your PC. Do your research!

In the long-term, a PC pays for itself, with games being much cheaper with frequent sales on websites such as Steam, in comparison to spending up to £60 a game on a console. It is literally game-changing. 

For example, take the hugely successful PlayerUnknown. Although this battle-royale style game has been well-received on console, the community on PC that it originates from has received far more perks, including frequent updates, many more playable maps (console gamer’s currently have only one available map), and a teaming mod community that has dedicated hundreds of hours’ worth of material to give you a unique and fun experience that console’s just can’t compete with.

And just check out the difference in these graphics:   

Time to log on

Choosing to make the move from console gaming to PC is a personal choice that should come from your consideration of the necessity. Think about the pros and cons, which games you want to play, and which choice will best reflect your situation.

If you are a casual gamer who logs on once a week and is content with the familiarity of mainstream games without mods or the continuous updates, then console gaming will suit you perfectly. However, if you want to open up the avenues for a larger experience of gaming and want to be in-tune with your platform, then you should definitely consider PC. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your situation, personally and financially.

Still can’t decide? There is another option. Why not both? Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You have the freedom.

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Published on 25 Apr 2018

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  • Bebbspoke - 27 Apr 2018

    I find nowhere to post that I am most pleased with Novatech services and products - but find nowhere appropriate to state my praise...I have built and serviced) a few pcs through the years and find the latest delivery of a custom laptop superb... to me, a pc or laptop is only for serious number crunching.... As for moving to pc gaming? my comment here is that I possess a fully working 1980 vintage pinball table (Bally "Vector") - sure; - it takes up a lot of space, is noisy and can be problematic for servicing & spares... but there is ABSOLUTELY NO pc / virtual reality // or any other system that can in any way substiute for the REAL THING! - however - it doesn't number crunch...

  • Nooobishgamers - 01 May 2018

    I can understand a knowledge constraint but even so a pc that costs as much as a console on release day can outperform the console.


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