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How to Install a Corsair H100i CPU Liquid Cooler

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The first edition of the Novatech “How To series” follows the installation of a Corsair H100i CPU liquid cooler, which is extremely popular in gaming rigs because it’s easier to install than more complex water cooling systems and requires a low amount of maintenance needed.

High performing and overclocked processors have a tendency to shut down if they’re not kept cool and overheating significantly reduces the longevity of the components. Water cooling is much more efficient than a regular stock cooler and in this video you can see one of our own PC engineers from our Service Centre taking you through the various steps of the installation.


Don’t let the sight of all these screws put you off, with our help you can have your Processor cooled to perfection in no time.

If you do have any problems or doubts with your installation, our Tech Support team are here to help you between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday – //

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