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How to turn your SSD into a Portable SSD Hard Drive

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With so much data to cling on to and to transport around with us, external hard drives are the thing to have.  They allow you to transfer your work to home, use it on the commute and then can slide into a bag in an instant and with minimal fuss.

But what’s better than a fast external hard drive? Why a super-fast external solid state drive of course. SSDs are considerably faster than standard hard drives, allowing you to save your data quicker which means when you hear the beeping of the train doors opening at your stop, you’ve still got plenty of time to pack up and get off before it leaves*.

*might not be technically true.

With prices of smaller capacity SSDs starting to come down, an external one is actually a more cost effective option than you may think.  With a little light DIYing you can not only have your own one within seconds, but also have the satisfaction of having built something useful with your own two hands.

All you need is an SSD, one of our tool free drive enclosures and and handy how-to video, and you’re away.

See our video demonstration below to show you the quick easy steps.



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