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Novatech in Minecraft?

For any Minecraft fans out there. Some of the students at Ryehills School who we provide technology for, have been hard at work at recreating our very own HQ in their school Minecraft server. I remember when I was at school, we were barely allowed to play tag, let alone had servers for computer games. Fair play.

Not really sure who this chap is with the green face, he’s obviously had a rough night or a dodgy lunch because it looks pretty ill. It also looks like he’s trying to escape out the back staff entrance too, naughty little chap.

A solid effort I reckon here, well done chaps.

If you ever see any Novatech related things in game, feel free to send it our way at socialmedia@novatech.co.uk– always interesting to see!

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Published on 11 Oct 2013

Last updated on 11 Oct 2013

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