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Working with Monzo, the UK’s fastest growing digital bank

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During an important visit to our headquarters by a highly regarded company, one of the customers remarked a phrase that we at Novatech have heard many a time before…

‘I didn’t know you did that'

The same customers were amazed when they looked around and realised what we're capable of in-house and from some of the many projects we have worked on in the past.

The retail website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Novatech’s projects, making up only 50% of what we do. For nearly a decade, we’ve been working hard to diversify our offering. It's particularly hard to vaunt due to non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality clauses, proprietary hardware, and such. We also take our security and data protection extremely seriously. But it never hurts to be proud of what we are achieving.

Novatech are no longer just 'builders' or 'suppliers' of PCs and workstations, we are trusted technology partners. And we work with some amazing companies. We offer consultation advice, complete project management, plus support - of course.  

So, we’ve decided to take you 'behind the scenes', show you what our dedicated and specialist teams get up to (as much as we're allowed to, anyway…) 

Novatech and Monzo 

Monzo has become a titan of digital banking in the UK. Set up as a self-reliant digital bank that operates without branches, they have flourished over four years to 1.8 million current users - with 29,000 new accounts a week. This totals an impressive £4 billion being spent on their contactless system worldwide. 

1 in every 100 faster payments are now processed through Monzo, and this huge growth has required them to update and expand their IT operations far beyond what they had originally anticipated, including the requirements for supplying the correct tech kit to every one of their new employees. 

It quickly became apparent that this rapid growth produced a need to find a trusted hardware supplier, rather than buying from a multitude of larger vendors. On top of that, there was a demand for a streamlined method of procurement, the answer to which was a custom API (application programming interface) which was developed completely 'in-house' by Novatech's developers. 

Our API allows Monzo to give their staff a self-service portal, enabling new employees to order from a set range of products. This has helped achieve a real level of traceability for Monzo, making it simpler to manage assets and centralising where their products are. Each Monzo product serial number was also tied to an individual, rather than being dispersed across a wider network that would lead to harder management. 

The two parties found this to be an ideal method for building their relationship as a buyer and vendor; whenever Monzo required something from Novatech, they get a response within minutes. What's more, Novatech’s technical resources, ordering processes, lead account manager, and backend system assistance were all readily available to Monzo. This has drastically changed Monzo’s hardware purchasing process, meaning that they can now efficiently order any product at any time from Novatech through the Slack channel or the API.

Monzo's Chris Hyder talking about the important relationship between Novatech and Monzo: 

"At Monzo, we’re ambitious to build a better bank that makes money work for everyone. It’s not just our incredible staff and customers that are helping us to achieve that dream, but our suppliers too. 

We’ve been left stunned by the work that Novatech have done to help us on this journey so far.

Novatech has become pivotal in supporting our IT growth, offering facilities, services and a level of support unparalleled and unrivaled in the industry. From deep API integration to bespoke services that are helping us achieve our rapid growth, Novatech has always been on hand to support us in any way they can."

- Chris Hyder, Monzo

Even when dealing with colossal companies such as Monzo, Novatech strive with every one of their clients, no matter their size, to operate as a personal and reliable technology partner, offering unmatched hardware, advice, and support. 

Here's Novatech's Head of Business Sales to talk about the work that Novatech and Monzo have been developing together.

To find out more, please contact one of our Novatech experts here



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