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Novatech Receive Triple Nomination For Solent 250 Awards

We are pleased to announce that we recently received nominations for 3 awards, as part of the Solent 250 Listings!

The Business Magazine, the organisation behind the annually recurring award ceremony, reached out to us last week with the fantastic news, and we're incredibly honoured to have been shortlisted for 3 of the 5 possible categories. The long-standing awards aim to celebrate some of the best businesses in the South-East, showcasing the community's talent and successes across a multitude of sectors and services.

Novatech Receive 3 nominations for the Solent 250 awards

The 3 categories we've been nominated for are the Entrepreneurial Business of the Year, the Growth and Resilience Award, and the Business Culture Award.

David Furby (pictured centre right), CEO here at Novatech, responded to the recent nominations, saying: "Being shortlisted for not just one, but three separate awards from such a prestigious awarding body is truly and wholly humbling. 

"All of us here at Novatech have been working incredibly hard over the last few years to improve every element of our business, whether it be increased employee engagement and dedicated departmental feedback groups, new well-being services and charity fundraisers, or expanding our production capacity whilst still ensuring job security throughout the pandemic - it's all been really well-received with everyone internally, but to have it recognised by those outside of the business just makes it all that more worthwhile."

Solent 250 Awards

Entrepreneurial Business of the Year

With 2020 turning the global market upside down and inside out, businesses needed to respond quickly and decisively, adapting flexibly to manage the continually shifting goal posts set by the UK government as it sought to bring the pandemic under control. With these changes came a flurry of new opportunities and emerging markets, ready to be seized by only the most well-prepared businesses. 

This all-encompassing award seeks to celebrate companies that demonstrated a fast, effective, and steadfast response to the sudden global shift, whilst successfully transitioning their facilities, business models, and employees.

Growth and Resilience Award

Of course, besides new opportunities, the last 18 months have brought many more obvious challenges. Whilst growth isn't the only measure of a business's success, this award recognises those within the Solent 250 that have made the most of these opportunities presented to them, adapting to achieve their maximum potential within their respective sector, and growing their market share despite everything. 

Business Culture Award

But no business would be anywhere today without their people. The Business and Culture award looks to highlight this by recognising companies who place people and culture at their core, and building them into their brand, bolstering their resilience and all-round success. Something particularly important during the pandemic. 

Aimed at celebrating organisations who put their people first, the award recognises those that invest in the success of their employees, encouraging purpose, pride, and collaboration within the business, giving it a unique advantage that no other competitor can replicate.

Celebrating the Successes

Despite still being a relatively small company, here at Novatech we strive ourselves on continuing to evolve as a business. In the last 18 months we've continued to grow, seeing employee numbers increase by over 20% (with no staff being furloughed), and our employee engagement initiatives have reached all-time highs.

Earlier last year we were proud to expand our mental health and well-being services, with several department leaders receiving mental health first aid training. We also managed to raise even more funds for our 2020 chosen charity, Solent Mind, hosting several raffles and sponsoring their new men's mental health podcast, Let's Talk Mate, providing them with vital hardware to make the show possible.

Solent Mind Logo

Meanwhile, our in-house gaming brand, Reign has seen a significant increase in exposure, with big name gamers, streamers, and other brands, like Leahviathan and Sneak Energy, teaming up with us and promoting our custom gaming PCs. It's been great to see just how receptive our Reign Gaming community has been too; we can't thank everyone enough for their non-stop enthusiasm and engagement on our social channels!

These successes, and many others, add to the already high accolades we received from b-Heard earlier this year, who awarded the company with a 1 Star "Very Good" Rating, making us one of the Top 100 Best Companies To Work For In The South.

Novatech Rated 1 star by b-heard

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Lyndsay Moger, our Head of Human Resources summed it up best, saying: "We're truly thrilled that Novatech has been shortlisted for the three awards; we've worked hard to grow our business, but without losing sight of the people who are at the heart of Novatech. 

"Our aim has always been to create a people first approach, nurturing a business culture that reflects our collective effort to ensure we always do the right thing by our brilliant people, and customers alike. So, a big thank you to both Solent 250 for seeing the value in our pursuits, and of course to all the wonderful people here at Novatech who've made it possible."

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