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Our WEEE Swapping Scheme (how we can help you recycle your e-waste)

Our WEEE Swapping Scheme

National Recycling week

When computers end up in landfills, the toxic metals and flame retardants they contain can cause a multitude of problems this is why we want to make you all aware that disposing of your unwanted electrical goods correctly really has never been easier than now with our help!

So we thought we would give an insight into WEEE and E-waste as well as reminding all of our customers that we offer a free swapping scheme.

Electronic waste is becoming the fastest-growth waste stream in the world. At Novatech we are committed to reducing the throw-away culture within the technology sector by encouraging our customers to refurbish or recycle their old devices.

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What is WEEE?

National Recycling week

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and is also sometimes referred to as  E-Waste. As a tech-hungry nation WEEE waste has never been a bigger problem than today, shockingly only 12.5% of the worlds WEEE / E-Waste is correctly recycled, meaning that the remaining 87.5% end up in the landfill.   

WEEE Directives 

In 2002 WEEE Directives were introduced to start addressing the environmental impacts of unwanted electrical and electronic equipment at the end of working use and their disposal. 

This is a “producer responsibility” which means that all companies and producers of electronic equipment are required to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the products that they place into the market, particularly when those products are no longer wanted and turn into electronic waste. 

REPIC, is the largest WEEE producer compliance scheme in the UK and have said

“All affected producers and distributors of EEE must comply. The objective of the directive is to promote recycling, minimise waste and stimulate the development of more environmentally friendly products for the future.” 

In the UK retailers and distributors must provide a way in which all customers buying electrical equipment are offered the opportunity to be able to recycle their old electronics. 

Novatech's WEEE swapping scheme 

Here at Novatech we are proud to be complying with the UK law and offer all of our customers the chance to recycle their old electrical items. We are happy to accept all old electronics on a like for like basis for no additional charge. For example, if you were to purchase a laptop from us, we would then be happy to take your old laptop away and recycle it for you. 

For customers purchasing online and getting goods delivered, we offer the ability for you to post your electronics to our head office in Portsmouth, However, you will have to cover the cost of postage. It is important for all customers to remember that this swapping scheme only works on a like for like basis.

Here at Novatech we are committed to protecting the environment by preventing pollution, reducing waste and minimising the impacts of our business operations on both the local and wider environment. For our business customers, we also offer services where we can aid you in the process of recycling of old PC’s in order to find out about this please contact a member of our team  

Recycling portable batteries 

Under the waste battery regulations, Novatech contributes to a take-back scheme for all portable waste batteries. Customers can return all waste batteries to any of the Novatech shops free of charge, where they will be collected for recycling.

Please do not post waste batteries.

For more information of our swapping scheme please click here 

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