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NVIDIA Launch GTX 950 Game Promotion

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So much buzz has surrounded the recent GTX 1080 launch that NVIDIA don't want you to forget about all their other cards, let's face it not every can upgrade to the latest tech and the 900 series aren't exactly pushovers when it comes to power.

The 950 cards come packed with all the supported technologies you get in all the 900 series cards, features such as SLI, G-SYNC, CUDA, PHYSX and so forth and because of their lower price tag, they are a great affordable way to turn your everyday PC into a Gaming PC with little effort and expenditure.

If you're currently putting together plans to build your very first Gaming RIg and don't have much budget, then you're in the right place, an NVIDIA GTX 950 card is exactly what you need and to help you get started NVIDIA are now giving you £70 in-game credit for Free to Play games Warframe and World Of Warships, £35 for each game.

See World Of Warships in Action below.


With the 950 cards starting as low as £119.99, you can check out more info on all the cards on the offer here and start building your way towards the Gaming Rig you've been clamoring for, playing games in 1080 with cutting-edge graphics means you'll really be able to play games how they are meant to be played.


View Novatech's Range of NVIDIA GTX GeForce 950 Graphics Cards here


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