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TechShot: NZXT's new triple threat H1 case

Small, strong and sexy...

NZXT have got a new case on the scene, their H1 mini-ITX case, which stands only 387.7mm tall with a 187mm x 187.7mm footprint, making it only just taller than Microsoft's newest gen console...

At £349, the case comes fitted with an AIO Kraken M22 CPU Liquid Cooler and a fully modular 650W 80+ Gold Rated PSU pre-installed, both custom-fitted with cabling and tubes set to the exact lengths needed for when you install your motherboard and GPU. It also supports full-size graphics cards, and up to two 2.5 inch drives for storage, though theoretically, if your motherboard supports it, you could always add in some M.2 storage too.

It comes in either white or black and features a tinted tempered glass panel on one side, though unfortunately support for RGB lighting looks limited at best. It might be possible to fit the case with some strip lighting, but it would be awkward and the chance of fitting in a controller would also be a challenge, if not impossible.


The compact design also leaves a little to be desired in terms of cooling, with temperatures sitting a bit higher than other options on the market, with a degree or two resulting from the inclusion of dual magnetic dust-filters. But considering the only fans in this case will be the PSU fan, the Kraken, and any GPU fans, it's not too shabby all-in-all.

For an in-depth look and discussion of all its features, plus a temperature benchmark, check out the videos below:

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Published on 28 Feb 2020

Last updated on 28 Feb 2020

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